💚 More Sustainable Electronic Devices 💥

💚 More Sustainable Electronic Devices 💥

Dennis Kamprad

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Happy Tuesday 👋

Here are the impactful insights that I have for you today:

  • Your electronic devices are becoming more sustainable 💥
  • 40% fewer cars and 45% cleaner air 🗼
  • First US solar canal system 🇺🇸
  • And more… 💚

From which device are you reading this email? Chances are it’s either your mobile phone or your laptop…

Well, at least I am writing this email to you from my laptop 💻

Either way, both my laptop and my mobile phone still rely on a number of unsustainable materials, including nanomaterials…

That’s why I’m especially happy to share a scientific breakthrough that is about to change just that!

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💥 Breakthrough: How Researchers Are Making Your Electronic Devices More Sustainable

The big picture: A team of researchers from the Instituto de Carboquímica of the Spanish National Research Council has made a significant leap in making our electronic devices more efficient and sustainable. They’ve developed a new hybrid nanomaterial that can convert light into electricity (and vice versa) faster than conventional materials. This wonder material is a blend of a conductive polymer and a derivative of graphene, promising to boost the efficiency of optoelectronic devices, like your smart device screens and solar panels.

Why is this good news: Devices built with this new material will not only be more efficient but also lighter, more flexible, and more sustainable. Imagine your electronic devices performing better while reducing their environmental impact. Plus, this new material could also enhance the efficiency of organic solar cells, capturing more sunlight in a cost-effective way. This means we’re looking at a future where our electronic devices consume less power while providing faster responses.

What’s next: The synthesis of this new hybrid material is a significant step towards sustainability as it uses water as a solvent, avoiding the use of harmful chemicals typically used in current methodologies. The team is also exploring the application of this method to other conductive polymers, potentially leading to new high-performance, sustainable designs for optoelectronic devices.

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📢 More Good News…

 🌱🌳 A heroic couple plants over 2 million new trees in the Amazon: Brazilian couple Sebastiao and Lelia Salgado have planted more than two million trees over 20 years in an effort to resurrect the subtropical paradise that once existed on Sebastiao’s family property when he was a child.

🗼 In just a decade, Paris achieves 40% fewer cars and 45% cleaner air: Over the past decade, the French capital has made significant strides in reshaping its urban landscape to prioritize pedestrians, champion cycling, and create safer streets for all. As part of a relentless battle against climate change, Paris has evolved to put pedestrians first. And the city now boasts a staggering 1,120km of cycle paths, a fivefold increase from the 200km recorded in 2001.

🇺🇸 The US is getting its first solar canal system: The idea is simple: install solar panels over canals in sunny, water-scarce regions where they reduce evaporation and make electricity. A study by the University of California, Merced gives a boost to the idea, estimating that 63 billion gallons of water could be saved by covering California’s canals with solar panels that could also generate 13 gigawatts of power. That’s enough for the entire city of Los Angeles from January through early October.

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👩🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏾 Event of the Week: World Day Against Trafficking in Persons

👉 Did you know that the World Day Against Trafficking in Persons is coming up on July 30? 

The big picture: This coming Sunday, the UNODC aims to raise awareness for this heinous crime and call on governments and law enforcement to amplify their efforts in preventing human trafficking and identifying and supporting more victims. This year’s campaign is centered around the following theme: “Reach every victim of trafficking, leave no one behind.”

Why is this important: Based on the latest statistics from 2021, 49.6 million people were living in modern slavery, of which 27.6 million were in forced labor and 22 million in forced marriage. 12% of all those in forced labor are children and more than half of these children are in commercial sexual exploitation.

How can you get involved: Check out the list of charities below that are especially relevant to the world day against trafficking in persons. And for the ones that resonate most with you, you’ll then find a dedicated section on how you could best contribute:

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📜 This Week in History

🚀 July 25, 1984: Soviet cosmonaut Svetlana Savitskaya became the first woman to walk in space. Her spacewalk underscored the contributions of women to space exploration.

🧠 July 26, 1875: Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist and the founder of analytical psychology, was born. Jung’s theories, including the concepts of the collective unconscious and archetypes, continue to influence the field of psychology.

🇺🇳 July 26, 2000: The United Nations Global Compact is launched. The Global Compact encourages businesses to adopt sustainable and socially responsible policies, promoting ethical practices in the areas of human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption.

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💭 Quote of the Day

“When in orbit, one thinks of the whole of the Earth, rather than of one’s country, as one’s home.”

— Svetlana Savitskaya

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Share the news with your friends to make a bigger positive impact on the world and society together!

Stay impactful 💚

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