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Dennis is the founder of Impactful Ninja and passionate about enabling you to make a positive impact on the world & society. He started his professional career as a Sustainability Consultant and has worked on several social projects around the world. Outside of work, he is a passionate salsa dancer, fast runner, and multiple Ironman finisher.

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How to Find Ethical Clothing Manufacturers: Complete Guide

Whether you’re looking to make clothes or buy them, finding ethical manufacturers is important. It takes time, research, networking–and, of course, a focus on what’s most important to you in terms of how you define ethical manufacturing. Typically, priorities are categorized into the three P’s: How manufacturing affects people, the planet, and–if you’re a fashion business–profit. (Although, as consumers, we often like to be budget-conscious as well.)

Illustration of Hanes pullover

How Ethical Is Hanes? All You Need to Know

As one of the world’s leading apparel companies, Hanes has been a household name in America for over a century. The company has seen its fair share of headlines over the years–not all of them positive. Yet when Hanes is called out on one thing, at the same time, we see them praised for another, so we had to ask: How ethical is Hanes?

Illustration of Savage X Fenty Lingerie

How Ethical Is Savage X Fenty? All You Need to Know

Over the years, Rihanna has gone from a pop-singer from Barbados to an entrepreneur, influencer, and world-wide fashion icon. With revenue pouring in from touring, streaming, recording royalties, and make-up shares, she certainly gets high marks for her work ethic, but what about her business ethics? Her latest enterprise, Savage X Fenty, has taken the fashion world by storm, so we had to ask: How ethical is Savage X Fenty? 

4 Worst Types of Meat for the Environment

If you thought that beef was the worst meat for the environment, you are right. But not exactly for the reasons you may think—and other meats are taking their share of the blame now, too. The latest data from organizations in global sustainability have shed some new light on the worst types of meat for the environment, yet further confirming some environmentalists’ greatest concerns.

How to Buy Sustainable Fish: The Ultimate Guide

Did you know that eating fish that is unsustainably fished is not only one of the biggest threats to marine habitats and wildlife but also negatively impacts your health? And if you belong to the majority (77% of Americans to be precise) then sustainability already plays a role in your shopping decisions. So we had to ask: How can you buy sustainable fish?

21 Best Eco-Friendly Journals: The Complete List

Everything we buy has an environmental impact, for better or for worse. These days, consumers are waking up to the power of their choices, and the products you buy determine demand, and demand directs industry, so it is important to choose wisely. If you’re looking for a new, eco-friendly journal, you’ve come to the right place.

How to Buy Sustainable Meat: The Ultimate Guide

Buying sustainable meat is not always an easy task. It’s not always easy to find, and it certainly isn’t easy on your wallet. And with all that time and money you are spending on sustainable meat, can you confidently say you know how to buy sustainable meat properly or that you know what sustainable meat actually means?

21 Best Charities for Helping Farm Animals (Complete 2022 List)

More than three billion animals are killed for food in the US alone every single day. And nearly every one of them was raised on factory farms where they had to endure horrible conditions. Unfortunately, the industry has continued to fail in terms of the ethical treatment of these farm animals. But, fortunately, many charities are working hard on this issue. So we had to ask: What are the best charities for helping farm animals?