Quynh Nguyen

Quynh loves to research and write about how we can live more sustainably. Before joining Impactful Ninja, she managed communications at the social enterprise Fargreen. And when she's not writing, she likes to run in the woods, dig in the garden, or knit the next jumper.

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Illustration of a Tencel fabric

How Sustainable Are TENCEL™ Fabrics? A Life-Cycle Analysis

TENCEL™ is a fabric trademark that has become a common fabric for many products. The Austrian company Lenzing AG trademarked TENCEL™ for their two rayon fabrics: TENCEL™ Modal and TENCEL™ Lyocell. However, the term “Tencel” is often used interchangeably for only lyocell, one of the more sustainable fabrics. So we had to ask: How sustainable are TENCEL™ fabrics?

Illustration of a modal fabric

How Sustainable Are Modal Fabrics? A Life-Cycle Analysis

Modal, or modal rayon fabric, was first developed in 1951 in Japan as an alternative to silk. This fabric is soft like silk but highly breathable and durable. However, some modal manufacturers still depend heavily on fossil fuels for energy and artificial chemicals. So we had to ask: How sustainable are modal fabrics?