Illustration of urban and traditional farming

Urban Farming vs Traditional Farming: What’s the Difference?

As the world’s urban population is consistently increasing and people are moving to larger cities, new agriculture technology emerges to solve the ever-increasing carbon emissions and food shortages. Contrary to some beliefs, living in high-dense cities makes accessibility to healthy foods more challenging. And this is where urban farming comes into play, changing the face of agriculture as we know it today. So we had to ask: What’s the difference between urban and traditional farming?

Illustration of least sustainable vegetables in a bowl

5 Least Sustainable Vegan (Plant-Based) Foods

Despite being generally better for the environment than meat and dairy, plant-based food is not always sustainable. Growing and selling vegetables, legumes, fruits, and nuts can greatly impact the environment and its ecosystems. When such an impact is not addressed or offset accordingly, a certain plant-based food becomes less and less sustainable. So we had to ask: What are the least sustainable vegan (plant-based) foods?

Illustration of a dairy product

Can Dairy Farming Be Ethical? Here Are the Facts

Dairy is a staple in many households all over the world. From a splash of cream in a cup of coffee to a dash of milk with cereal, it cannot be denied that we have become big consumers of dairy products. In this age of information readily waiting at our fingertips, people have also started to become more ethical consumers. So we had to ask: Can dairy farming be ethical?

4 Worst Types of Meat for the Environment

If you thought that beef was the worst meat for the environment, you are right. But not exactly for the reasons you may think—and other meats are taking their share of the blame now, too. The latest data from organizations in global sustainability have shed some new light on the worst types of meat for the environment, yet further confirming some environmentalists’ greatest concerns.

How to Buy Sustainable Fish: The Ultimate Guide

Did you know that eating fish that is unsustainably fished is not only one of the biggest threats to marine habitats and wildlife but also negatively impacts your health? And if you belong to the majority (77% of Americans to be precise) then sustainability already plays a role in your shopping decisions. So we had to ask: How can you buy sustainable fish?

How to Buy Sustainable Meat: The Ultimate Guide

Buying sustainable meat is not always an easy task. It’s not always easy to find, and it certainly isn’t easy on your wallet. And with all that time and money you are spending on sustainable meat, can you confidently say you know how to buy sustainable meat properly or that you know what sustainable meat actually means?

7 Least Sustainable Fruits: The Complete List

In a world where fruits are viewed (correctly) as essential components of a healthy lifestyle, little attention is usually given to their production and ecological sustainability. But as climate change slowly becomes a reality, it’s crucial to know some of the least sustainable fruits. And then to understand what makes them so unsustainable and how they could become more sustainable.