30 Most Unethical Makeup Companies in 2023

Beauty brands worldwide have had several controversies surrounding the industry over the last few years, with most drama occurring on social media. And many makeup companies’ blunders inspired some very entertaining headlines. But when all the smoke and chat room-dust had settled, we had several brands left standing in the unethical spotlight. So we had to ask: What are the most unethical makeup companies?

How To Make Ethical Soap: The Complete Guide

Shopping for ethical and sustainable soap isn’t always easy. You have to do your homework to find out if products are organic or vegan, tested on animals, contain sustainable palm oil…it’s just too much. Instead, we suggest you save yourself from such investigations and make ethical soap yourself. But we had to ask: How to make ethical soap?

Illustration of Halifax Bank building

How Ethical Is Halifax Bank? All You Need To Know

Halifax Bank has had its share of controversy, including incredible amounts of fraud and corruption that were exposed in recent years. However, a look at reports regarding the bank’s approach to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) topics shows an image of an upstanding group leading the way in UN Sustainability Goals. So we had to ask: How ethical is Halifax Bank?

25 Most Unethical Clothing Companies in 2023

Let’s be real for a moment: Fast fashion is wreaking havoc on the planet. Multinational corporations are chiefly focused on making executives and shareholders rich – and they are exploiting workers all around the world to do it. And on top of everything, companies will mock you and trick you into purchasing their clothing by trying to turn around this reality through the contemporary corporate communication tactic known as greenwashing.

Illustration of LL Bean shoe

How Ethical Is L.L. Bean? All You Need To Know

L.L. Bean has had its ups and downs with public support over the last decade. Some are still boycotting the brand after the Grab Your Wallet movement encouraged consumers to do so, but it has also been a founding member of several prominent organizations for sustainable fashion. So we had to ask: How ethical is L.L. Bean?

Illustration of KOI Footwear shoe

How Ethical Is KOI Footwear? All You Need To Know

KOI Footwear has a big presence on social media and in the eco-community. The company claims to be 100% vegan and partners with the climate action program One Tribe to help make a positive environmental impact. So we had to ask: How ethical is KOI Footwear?

How To Make Ethical Clothing: The Complete Guide

After the Rana Plaza tragedy in 2013, most of the fashion industry was exposed by the media as highly unethical in production and manufacturing. Since then, there have been thousands of new brands created in the name of good ethics and fair treatment of garment workers. And these days, there are plenty of resources available to help you in your quest to make ethical clothing.

Illustration of Fabletics pants

How Ethical Is Fabletics? All You Need to Know

Kate Hudson is praised as an inspiration, as is her activewear brand Fabletics. However, the company primarily makes money with its online membership program, which many have criticized as shady. So we had to ask: How ethical is Fabletics?

Illustration of Madewell jeans

How Ethical Is Madewell? All You Need to Know

Many have been critical of Madewell over the last decade. But its social responsibility page claims those at Madewell “strive to do well in the world,” and “quality and integrity are of key importance” in its corporate governance. With the injustices of the world having brighter spotlights shone upon them, business transparency has become a critical issue for many consumers who wish to support ethical companies, so we had to ask: How ethical is Madewell?

How to Find Ethical Clothing Manufacturers: Complete Guide

Whether you’re looking to make clothes or buy them, finding ethical manufacturers is important. It takes time, research, networking–and, of course, a focus on what’s most important to you in terms of how you define ethical manufacturing. Typically, priorities are categorized into the three P’s: How manufacturing affects people, the planet, and–if you’re a fashion business–profit. (Although, as consumers, we often like to be budget-conscious as well.)