Illustration of Savage X Fenty Lingerie

How Ethical Is Savage X Fenty? All You Need to Know

Over the years, Rihanna has gone from a pop-singer from Barbados to an entrepreneur, influencer, and world-wide fashion icon. With revenue pouring in from touring, streaming, recording royalties, and make-up shares, she certainly gets high marks for her work ethic, but what about her business ethics? Her latest enterprise, Savage X Fenty, has taken the fashion world by storm, so we had to ask: How ethical is Savage X Fenty? 

Illustration of a Fruit of the Loom t-shirt

How Ethical Is Fruit of the Loom? All You Need to Know

As a producer of top-selling apparel items worldwide, Fruit of the Loom is a household name for many across the globe. You even may be wearing a product of theirs right now. They employ over 32,000 people, and any company of that size is sure to leave an environmental footprint; therefore, with such influence on us all, we had to ask: How ethical is Fruit of the Loom?