💚 A Lithium Volcano 🌋

💚 A Lithium Volcano 🌋

Dennis Kamprad

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Happy Tuesday 👋

Here are the impactful insights that I have for you today:

  • How a volcano could solve the lithium crisis 🌋
  • The maiden voyage of the first zero-carbon ship 🚢
  • Get involved in World Car-Free Day 🚘
  • And more… 💚

Did you know that lithium is a key material needed for many renewable energy sources such as solar panels and wind turbines, as well as for our electric cars and consumer electronics?

Basically, it’s everywhere where batteries and complex electronics are needed…

And up until now, mining lithium has been connected to many environmental issues. Something you and I pretty much had no chance to avoid if we wanted to use our electronics :/

But it looks like the discovery of the world’s largest lithium deposit might change that very soon!

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🌋 How A Volcano Discovery Could Power Electric Cars For Decades

1️⃣ The big picture: Scientists have discovered the largest lithium deposit in the world inside an extinct volcano bordering Nevada and Oregon. Volcanologists and geologists have reported evidence that the volcanic site, known as the McDermitt Caldera, contains up to 40 million tons of lithium. This is more than double the amount of lithium found in the Bolivian Salt Flats, which was previously considered to be the largest lithium deposit. This discovery is capable of meeting global battery demand for decades.

2️⃣ Why is this good news: Lithium is an essential component in everything from electric cars and smartphones to wind turbines. However, the amount needed to sustain these industries is colossal, which has led to a ‘lithium rush’. It’s estimated that 1 million metric tons of lithium are needed to meet global demand by 2040. But, lithium extraction has historically been carbon-intensive. Fortunately, volcano-sedimentary lithium deposits tend to be large and shallow with minimal waste-to-ore ratios, meaning that they can meet environmental regulations if correctly mined.

3️⃣ What’s next: Mining the volcanic site for lithium could begin as early as 2026 according to the Lithium Americas Corporation, who made the discovery. However, the proposal is not without controversy. The plan has drawn protests from environmental groups and local tribes who claim the area is home to vital wildlife habitats and sacred land. 

👉 Related: You can already help to create a more sustainable world by contributing to the best charities that promote sustainability.

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📢 More Good News…

🚢 Retail giant Amazon sends products on the first zero-carbon ship:

  • In collaboration with shipping company Maersk, Amazon transported 20,000 40ft containers of their products on the world’s-first zero-carbon vessel.
  • The Laura Maersk, known as the first methanol-enabled feeder vessel, set off on its maiden voyage on September 14, transporting Amazon containers from Shanghai to Rotterdam.
  • Amazon also co-founded Cargo Owners for Zero Emission Vehicles with the mission to use zero-emission cargo ships for all of their ocean cargo by 2040.

🪫 California State authorizes large-scale procurement of offshore wind energy sources

  • California’s State Senate has passed legislation that will enable large-scale offshore wind energy purchases and other clean energy sources.
  • The Bill authorizes California’s Department of Water Resources to purchase renewable energy sources, providing renewable energy developers with a guaranteed buyer.
  • The move will allow California state to invest and build their renewable energy portfolio at scale.

🔌 Electric car sales are smashing records in the US:

  • The sales of fully electric cars surged in the first half of 2023, exceeding 7% of all car sales. This is a 75% increase since January 2022. 
  • From June 2022 to June 2023, Americans bought 977,445 cars that run solely on electricity according to a report by Bloomberg Green.
  • It took 10 years for the US to sell its first 1 million electric cars, two years to reach 2 million, and just one year to reach 3 million. 
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🚘 Event of the Week: World Car-Free Day

👉 Did you know that this Friday, September 22, is World Car-Free Day? This event was set up to encourage motorists to give up their car for a day and use alternative transport to reduce air pollution and improve human health.

1️⃣ The big picture: World Car Free Day was founded in 2000 by the World Carfree Network (previously called Carbusters) and the Adbusters Media Foundation to highlight the many benefits of going car-free, such as reducing air pollution and promoting safe walking or cycling. Today, the event is marked by cities across the globe to showcase what it would be like to live on streets without motor traffic and to reduce the number of cars on the roads. 

2️⃣ Why is this important: Today, there are estimated to be roughly 1.5 billion cars on the road worldwide, with an estimated 442 million in the US alone. In 2020, these vehicles pushed out 3 billion tons of CO2e, an increase of 400 million since 2010. Moreover, 1.35 million people tragically die every year as a result of a car accident, with many more suffering serious injuries. Car-free days are a great opportunity for cities to explore sustainable ways to use roads and make streets safer for residents.

3️⃣ How can you get involved: The best way you can get involved in World Car-Free Day is to leave your car at home and find greener ways to travel. For example, you can consider taking a relaxing cycle with the family or catching an electric bus to work. Alternatively, you can organize a fundraiser in your own town to raise awareness of the damage that standard cars cause to the environment, such as a street party.

Additionally, you can check out the organizations below that fight pollution and promote a healthier planet:

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📜 This Week in History

⚾ September 19, 2011: Panamanian Baseball pitcher Mariano Rivera registered his 602nd career save. He is considered to be the greatest relief pitcher of all time, with 652 saves and 952 games finished throughout his career. 

🇳🇿 September 19, 1893: New Zealand became the very first self-governing country to grant women the right to vote. 

🎾 September 20, 1973: Tennis player and woman’s rights activist Billie Jean King won the much anticipated ‘Battle of the Sexes’ match against Bobby Riggs. This was an important move towards gender equality.

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💭 Quote of the Day

“It’s just really important that we start celebrating our differences. Let’s start tolerating first, but then we need to celebrate our differences.”

— Billie Jean King, former world #1 tennis player

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Share the news with your friends to make a bigger positive impact on the world and society together!

Stay impactful 💚

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