We wouldn’t be nearly as impactful without our partners

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Here’s What Makes Our Partners Such a Great Match

You might have noticed that our mission at Impactful Ninja is to make a positive impact on the world & society. And our main way how we do this (and how you most likely found us too) is by providing actionable insights for some of the most important questions. So that you could make better-informed decisions and become your own impactful ninja.

However, we wouldn’t be nearly as impactful without the help of our partners. We don’t just work with any organization, we ensure every partnership is beneficial for them, us, and – most importantly – for the world & society.

Together, we enable millions of people each to contribute their own personal positive impact. Collectively, we then achieve a much bigger, systemic impact.

That’s exactly what we are looking for in our partners: organizations that can help us to advance our mission of creating a systemic positive impact.

With each partnership, we create a win-win-win situation, for our partners, for us, and – most importantly – for the world & society.

It’s our pleasure and honor to introduce you to our amazing partners here.

Our Climate Action Partners

We all know that climate change has reached a crisis point and we urgently need to take action to combat its devastating effects. Together with our partners, we are taking a stand to reduce our net carbon emissions and mitigate our impact on rising global temperatures.


Offsetting Carbon Emissions for the Whole Impactful Ninja Team

Terrapass Logo
at Terrapass

Terrapass was launched in 2004 with the aim to help everyday individuals reduce their climate impact. Their mission is to fight climate change by providing the resources necessary for companies and individuals to understand and take responsibility for their climate impact.

As part of our partnership, Terrapass calculated the carbon emissions from our entire Impactful Ninja team’s laptops and work equipment from the beginning of 2022 and offset these via Green-e® Climate Certified carbon offsets that support a portfolio of sustainable projects. The Green-e® Climate program is the only consumer protection and certification program for retail carbon offsets providing transparency, accountability, and credibility.

We are happy to partner with Terrapass as they are a mission-driven business with the aim to fight climate change. Additionally, all of Terrapass’ carbon offset purchases are accredited and independently verified by leading independent registries. Terrapass strives to reduce emissions through education, online tools, and renewable energy. Calculate. Conserve. Offset.

We are thrilled to team up with Impactful Ninja as the official Carbon Offset Partner for their whole team! Impactful Ninja has proven to be a true champion in the fight for climate change and we couldn’t be more excited to have partnered with their amazing team to help bring awareness to climate action and sustainable living.

Daniel Holdridge; Marketing Manager @ Terrapass


Offsetting Carbon Emissions for All Impactful.Ninja Website Visits

at Climeworks

Climeworks is a leading CO2 removal (Direct Air Capture) company. They were founded in 2009 by engineering university students Jan and Christoph, who were shocked at the melting glaciers in the Swiss Alps. Climeworks’ mission is to inspire one billion people to remove CO2 from the air and reverse climate change.

As part of our partnership, Climeworks provide all website-related carbon emissions for Impactful Ninja. Even more than that, they’ve generously doubled this amount so that every time you … some additional carbon emissions will be offset.

We are happy to partner with Climeworks as …

“As part of our partnership, Terrapass provide all business-related carbon offsets for the whole Impactful Ninja team. Together, we’ve calculated the carbon emissions for each of our team members and selected a range of projects… –> more input needed here.”

Julien Masson; Digital Marketing Manager @ Climeworks

Neighborhood Forest

Planting One Tree for Each Team Member Each Earth Week

Logo for Neighborhood Forest
at Neighborhood Forest

Neighborhood Forest was founded in 2010 to give children the experience of planting free trees and growing up together with them. Their mission is to put a dent in our carbon footprint, beautify our neighborhoods, and instill a love of nature in children. One tree at a time.

As part of our partnership, Neighborhood Forest ensures that for each of the team members at Impactful Ninja, one child gets a free tree to plant in their own backyard during each year’s each Earth Week.

We are happy to partner with Neighborhood Forest as they provide free trees to children to plant in their own backyards. In this way, these trees are more likely to endure, thrive, receive a lot of love and care, and help to green our cities in a decentralized way. And the children also experience the wonder of seeing their tree grow over their lifespans, learning to love nature, and eventually becoming ambassadors for our environment – multiplying our positive impact together.

“Neighborhood Forest is delighted to partner with Impactful Ninja to amplify our impact, reach more children, and plant more trees every spring.”

Vikas Narula; Founder @ Neighborhood Forest

Our Corporate Philanthropy Partner

Our ultimate mission is to help you make a bigger impact on our world & society. However, we recognize that it’s just as important for us to lead by example. That’s why we have teamed up with Pledge 1% to formally solidify our intent to create a better world.

Pledge 1%

Donating 1% of All Our Profits to Impactful Causes

Impactful Ninja is a proud Pledge 1% Member
at Pledge 1%

Pledge 1% was founded by a group of companies that experienced first-hand how pledging a small portion of future success today can have an enormous impact tomorrow. Their mission is to accelerate a shared vision of every business around the globe integrating philanthropy into their corporate DNA.

As part of our partnership, we have pledged to donate 1% of all our profits to support non-profits that help us advance our mission of creating a positive impact on the world & society.

We are happy to partner with Pledge 1% as a way to formally integrate giving back into our own culture. The purpose of Impactful Ninja is centered around providing you with actionable insights to make a positive impact in your everyday decisions so that we could ultimately achieve a systemic change together with millions of impactful decisions. And for our pledge, we’ve also decided to partner with organizations that promote systemic change on a global level.

“We are a proud partner of the Pledge 1% global movement. While the whole purpose of Impactful Ninja is to enable you to make a bigger positive impact on the world & society, it is equally important for us to also walk the talk and integrate giving back into our culture.”

Dennis Kamprad; Founder and Chief Ninja @ Impactful Ninja

Do You Want to Become an Impactful Partner Too?

Our mission at Impactful Ninja is to make a positive impact on the world & society. And to enable you to do so too.

And that’s exactly what we are looking for in our partners: to advance our mission together. Knowing that we can create a win-win-win situation, for our partners, for us, and – most importantly – for the world & society.

Here are our key partnership criteria:

Most importantly: together, we can make a bigger positive impact than we would ever be able to do alone.

The mission of your organization needs to center around positively encompassing one or more of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. So, we can ultimately create a better world for everyone.

Through our partnership, we are able to create a win-win-win situation with a clear positive impact that is both additional and concrete.

If these criteria resonate with you, we would love to discuss a potential partnership opportunity! Simply fill out the form below and we’ll get in touch with you to discuss potential next steps.

Partners Contact Form

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

– Helen Keller; author