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About The Impactful Ninja Show

The video podcast that helps you make a bigger positive impact and highlights those who dedicate their time to one of the most important present challenges:


Get to know impactful organizations: You’ll get to know inspiring organizations from the founders’ perspective. We’ll take you on a journey including the specific problem they wanted to solve and how much of a role their background played in this process.

The founding journey: Next, we are getting super specific, highlighting their concrete starting point to get this organization off the ground. And we’ll detail the very first steps in making a positive impact.


Challenges and growth: You’ll learn what their biggest challenges were along the way and how they’ve overcome these to grow their organization to where they are now.


Future plans: Finally, we’ll peek into their plans for the future and learn about the best way how we could support their mission and their organization.


One tip to become more impactful: Reflecting on their journey, they’ll share with your their #1 tip on how you can become more impactful in your daily life.

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Welcome to The Impactful Ninja Show with Dennis Kamprad (#0)

Everything you do has some effect, some impact.

Dalai Lama; spiritual leader