Illustration of a plastic road

Are Plastic Roads Sustainable? Here Are the Facts

Plastic roads: What originated and grew out of experimentation back in 2001 in India is now gradually becoming the focus of city officials worldwide to switch to environmentally sustainable road construction technology and contribute to less plastic pollution and climate mitigation. So we had to ask: How sustainable are plastic roads?

How to Recycle Styrofoam Coolers: The Complete Guide

Do you have a Styrofoam cooler that has served its purpose, and now you don’t know what to do with it? (You only know you don’t wish to throw it in the trash.) Well, you’ve come to the right place, because we’ve collected some information and are happy to share suggestions on how to recycle that Styrofoam cooler.

How to Recycle Spiral Notebooks: The Complete Guide

In an effort to embrace an always more sustainable living, it is normal to find specific materials and objects that are seemingly non–recyclable. Notebooks, for example, can be useful, but their lifespan is not so long. So, what can you do with them after you have written on the last page?