Illustration of young people

How to Prevent Human Rights Violations as a Young Person

Every human on the planet shares the same rights but is often subject to different mistreatment. However, a child born in Africa, a female university student in America, and a Swiss retiree can face completely different human rights challenges. And there are also some common human rights violations you might not be aware of. So we had to ask: How can you prevent human rights violations as a young person?

Illustration of a Herschel backpack

How Ethical Is Herschel? All You Need to Know

In just over a decade, Herschel has become a trademarked brand that is recognizable in almost any city. Their well-known minimal backpacks and travel accessories are found in stores worldwide. The brand aims to expand even more globally, so we had to ask: How ethical is Herschel?

Illustration of Frank and Oak t-shirt

How Ethical Is Frank and Oak? All You Need to Know

Frank and Oak is a leading Canadian brand in quality and minimal fashion. In the name of building a connection with man and nature, they have a strong stance on creating clothes with sustainable and ethical practices. So we had to ask: How ethical is Frank and Oak?

Illustration of Eddie Bauer hoodie

How Ethical Is Eddie Bauer? All You Need to Know

Eddie Bauer has truly made a name for itself, from having over 400 outdoor wear stores to uncountable loyal consumers worldwide. The more than 100-year old company claims to provide quality and inclusive outdoor gear for the community. So we had to ask: How ethical is Eddie Bauer?

Make Ethical Jewelry

How To Make Ethical Jewelry: The Complete Guide

The pathway to a more sustainable jewelry industry requires many working toward the goal at every level of the supply chain and manufacturing process. And making ethical jewelry is getting easier to do as more continue to join the movement in responsible jewelry making. So we had to ask: How to make ethical jewelry?

Ethical Food Choices

27 Simple Ways to Make Ethical Food Choices

There are plenty of ways to approach food ethics and various reasons for making ethical food choices. Some make the change for moral reasons, while others do it for their health. No matter why you’re making this choice, ethical eating requires knowing where your food comes from as well as the impact it has on other people, animals, and the environment. So we had to ask: What are simple ways to make ethical food choices?

Stop Animal Cruelties in Zoos

8 Ways How You Can Stop Animal Cruelty in Zoos

While roadside zoos recently have been in a negative light for their animal rights violations, raising awareness of this global issue, animal cruelty is happening even in some of the most-loved, respected, accredited zoos all over the world. While many more laws now exist that regulate wild animals’ possession and exhibition, the situation appears to have remained unaddressed for captive animals. So we had to ask: How can we stop animal cruelty in zoos?

30 Most Unethical Makeup Companies in 2023

Beauty brands worldwide have had several controversies surrounding the industry over the last few years, with most drama occurring on social media. And many makeup companies’ blunders inspired some very entertaining headlines. But when all the smoke and chat room-dust had settled, we had several brands left standing in the unethical spotlight. So we had to ask: What are the most unethical makeup companies?