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Founder and Chief Ninja

Dennis is the founder of Impactful Ninja and passionate about enabling you to make a positive impact on the world & society. He holds a Master’s degree in International Management, started his professional career as a Sustainability Consultant, and has worked on several social projects around the world. Outside of work, he is a passionate salsa dancer, fast runner, and multiple Ironman finisher.

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Research, Content, and Editorial Ninja

Carla is passionate about animal welfare and our natural environment and is on a mission to give you the knowledge you need to help protect our planet and all of its inhabitants. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Behaviour and Welfare, is a teaching support officer at the College of West Anglia, and also works as a cat sitter in her local community. Aside from writing, she has a love of music, teaching her daughter how to play piano, and enjoys getting creative with craft activities.

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Grace Smoot

Research and Content Ninja

Grace loves to research and write about all things related to climate action and sustainability. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Biology and works as a Natural Resource Specialist. Outside of work, she loves to work out, play soccer, and take her dog for long walks.

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Quynh Nguyen

Research and Content Ninja

Quynh loves to research and write about how we can live more sustainably. She holds a Master’s degree in Cross-Cultural Communication and managed communications at the social enterprise Fargreen. And when she’s not writing, she likes to run in the woods, dig in the garden, or knit the next jumper.

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Olivia Lopez

Research and Content Ninja

Olivia loves to research and write about all things related to social justice. She holds a Master’s degree in Human Rights and has worked and interned with a number of NGOs, including the UN. When she’s not writing, she likes to take her dog for walks, cook Mexican food, and learn new languages.

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Diana Stancu

Research and Content Ninja

Diana loves to research and write about topics that bring awareness to communities in need. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Sciences and considers herself a lifelong learner who strives to increase her knowledge and expertise. Outside of work, she enjoys writing fiction, creating cooking recipes, studying philosophy, and taking sunset photos.

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Alycia O’Dell

Research and Content Ninja

Alycia loves to research and write about organizations that invest in the health and welfare of marginalized communities. She holds a Master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis and works with children with autism. Outside of work, she is a new mom to twins and loves helping them learn and explore.

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Eniola Adeeko

Research and Content Ninja

Eniola loves to research and write about providing humanitarian aid and access to proper education and literacy to underprivileged children around the world. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law and volunteers with her local Red Cross chapter. When she is not writing, she enjoys reading novels, cooking new dishes, and creating podcasts.

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Teresa Mersereau

Research and Content Ninja

Teresa is passionate about sustainability and carbon-consciousness and has been actively involved in climate activism for many years. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in English and received four language-related scholarships. When she isn’t researching and writing articles, she enjoys browsing bookshops, visiting the beach, and roller-skating.

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Grace Howarth

Research and Content Ninja

Grace loves all things sustainability, and is a lifelong climate activist. She has a First Class Bachelor’s degree in Songwriting and is a professional playwright. She has written and composed a children’s musical about protecting the planet, which will be staged at a zero-waste theatre.

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Eric Kerr

Editorial Ninja

Eric loves editing and fact-checking all content related to sustainability to ensure that it’s as impactful as possible. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in English and has been environmentally conscious his whole life (fun fact: his dad even starred in commercials as a superhero fighting to raise recycling awareness). Outside of editing, he is passionate about baking, hiking, and cycling.

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Eli Boles

Research and Content Ninja

Eli loves to research and write about sustainability in the automotive industry, and charitable organizations. He holds an Associate’s degree in Arts and has a variety of unique experiences that inform his writing, from working in the automotive industry to ensuring firearm compliance and education. When he’s not writing, he likes to watch motorsports (zero-emissions racing), hang out with his little dog Cocoa, and explore local restaurants and cafes.

Profile picture of Edy

Edy Yuliantanto

Creative Design Ninja

Edy loves to create beautiful illustrations and improve UI/UX design. He is passionate about art, nature, technology, and culture and has been active in social and cultural communities since his Studies of Art as a university student. Outside of work, he loves jogging, reading books, and hiking.

Riz Santoso

Tech Ninja

Riz is passionate about web development and bringing UI/UX design to life. He has been involved in sociopreneurship and community development since his time as a university student. When he’s not in front of his laptop, he loves to enjoy nature with his wife and kids.

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