Illustration of neurodivergent people

9 Best Charities That Support Neurodivergent People (Complete 2023 List)

Neurodivergence affects between 15 and 20 percent of the world’s population. The most common disorders include autism, attention-deficit disorder, dyslexia, and Tourette syndrome. Many neurodivergent people struggle with connecting with others, communicating effectively, and leading impactful lives. Fortunately, nonprofit organizations are raising awareness of neurodivergence and assisting neurodivergent people worldwide. So we had to ask: What are the best charities that support neurodivergent people?

Illustration of a group of houses

9 Best Charities That Help With Housing (Complete 2023 List)

Every person has a fundamental right to housing, which guarantees access to a comfortable, safe, and affordable place to live. Yet, it is estimated that 3 billion people, about 40% of the world’s population, will need access to adequate housing by 2030. Therefore, there is a global need for new affordable and accessible housing. Fortunately, nonprofit organizations are making housing more available worldwide. So we had to ask: What are the best charities that help with housing?

Illustration of a kid reading on books

9 Best Charities That Promote Reading (Complete 2023 List)

Reading is more than a leisure activity. It improves mental health, focus, and communication skills. Reading can also reduce stress and help people learn new things. Yet, over 771 million young people and adults and 250 million children still can’t read. Fortunately, charities are working to promote reading skills among children, teens, and families worldwide. So we had to ask: What are the best charities for reading?

Attempted illustration of a natural disaster

9 Best Charities That Help Combat Natural Disasters (Complete 2023 List)

Natural disasters affect 218 million people and claim 68,000 lives per year. They also cause the destruction of property, loss of financial resources, and personal injury or illness. Fortunately, charitable organizations are working to assist those affected by natural disasters worldwide by supporting them in rebuilding their lives. So we had to ask: What are the best charities that help to combat natural disasters?

Attempted illustration of fitness programs

9 Best Charities That Promote Fitness Programs (Complete 2023 List)

Being physically active improves a person’s mental health and reduces the risk of diseases, such as certain types of cancer. Yet only 19.3% of the US adult population engages in regular exercise. As a result, many non-profit organizations are working to raise awareness about the importance of fitness and help more people become physically fit. So we had to ask: What are the best charities that promote fitness programs?

Illustration of two giraffes

9 Best Charities for Protecting Giraffes (Complete 2023 List)

Giraffes were once a common sight across the African Savanna. Yet, today there are just 97,000 individuals left in the wild, a decrease of 40% since the 1980s. Nicknamed the silent extinction, the disappearance of these gentle giants had gone largely unnoticed until recently. Fortunately, many charities are now working hard to protect the remaining populations of giraffes and ensure their survival for future generations. So we had to ask: What are the best charities for protecting giraffes?

Attempted illustration of buildings and progress as a symbol for developing countries

9 Best Charities Impacting Developing Countries (Complete 2023 List)

There are 152 developing countries in the world, comprising 85% of the world’s population. Many developing nations grapple with inadequate infrastructure, unprecedented health and economic crises, and low productive capacity. As a result, many charities are working hard to eradicate poverty, improve health care, and strengthen the economies of developing countries. So we had to ask: What are the best charities for developing countries?

Illustration of a mom with her newborn

9 Best Charities That Support New Moms (Complete 2023 List)

Delivering and providing for a baby can be overwhelming. Many new moms frequently experience severe fatigue and depression. Others struggle with the financial burden of raising a child. In addition, new mothers without access to adequate medical care risk maternal injury or even death. As a result, many charities are working to assist new mothers with caring for themselves and their babies. So we had to ask: What are the best charities for supporting new moms?

Attempted illustration of a person with rumination disorder

9 Best Charities That Combat Rumination Disorder (Complete 2023 List)

Approximately 1 in 125 people in the general population experience rumination disorder, a condition in which an individual consistently regurgitates undigested food. And about half of those diagnosed with rumination disorder have co-occurring mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and developmental delay. Fortunately, organizations around the world are working to raise awareness, provide support, and increase access to treatment for people affected by rumination disorder. So, we had to ask: what are the best charities that combat rumination disorder?