💚 $60M for Our Energy Future 🇺🇸

💚 $60M for Our Energy Future 🇺🇸

Dennis Kamprad

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Happy Friday 👋

Here are the impactful insights that I have for you today:

  • How three US projects boost geothermal energy’s potential 🇺🇸
  • The California tribe that gets back their ancestral land 🗺️
  • How Brazil and France are investing $1.1B in the Amazon rainforest 💰 
  • And more… 💚

What do we like better than a commitment to renewable energy?

Yes, a commitment with money put behind concrete renewable energy projects!

And that’s exactly what I want to share with you today…

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🇺🇸 How the US Department of Energy’s $60M Boosts Geothermal Energy’s Potential

1️⃣ The big picture: The US Department of Energy (DOE) has committed $60 million to enhance geothermal systems, aiming to unlock the vast potential of underground heat as a clean, renewable energy source. This investment supports three projects—by Chevron New Energies, Fervo Energy, and Mazama Energy—to demonstrate the efficacy and scalability of tapping into the Earth’s heat. These initiatives could significantly contribute to the US goal of achieving a carbon-free grid by 2035, highlighting geothermal energy’s role in diversifying the nation’s energy portfolio.

2️⃣ Why is this good news: Geothermal energy, currently providing about four gigawatts of electricity in the US, has the potential to supply up to 90 gigawatts by 2050—enough to power over 65 million homes. This investment not only underscores the DOE’s commitment to sustainable energy but also addresses the urgent need to reduce reliance on fossil fuels. By expanding geothermal energy, the US can reduce air pollution, mitigate health risks associated with traditional energy sources, and combat the overheating of our planet.

3️⃣ What’s next: The DOE’s funding is a significant step toward realizing the full potential of geothermal energy across the US, including regions previously untapped for this renewable resource. As these projects advance, they will pave the way for more innovative geothermal solutions, potentially transforming how the nation and the world access clean energy. The focus will be on overcoming technical challenges and ensuring that geothermal energy can be harnessed efficiently and cost-effectively, contributing to the global fight against climate change and moving towards a more sustainable energy future.

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📢 Three More Good News

🗺️ The California tribe that gets back their ancestral land:

  • An Indigenous community called the Yurok will help steward a vital 125-acre property, alongside the National Park Service and Save the Redwoods League, a nonprofit organization created to protect and restore redwood trees.
  • This marks the first-ever arrangement between the National Park Service and California State Parks on Indigenous-owned territory. It also paves the way for a new conservation method that preserves natural resources while honoring the rights of Tribal communities.
  • Together, the Yurok tribe and their new partners aim to develop the land into a cultural and recreational gateway to Redwood National and State Parks, including the addition of new trails to the oldest redwood groves in the parks.

💰 How Brazil and France are investing $1.1B in the Amazon rainforest:

  • The French and Brazilian presidents have approved a 4-year plan and $1.1 billion eco investment for the Amazon rainforest.
  • Through this plan, the investment will be used to help protect tropical rainforests. The initiative will also support Indigenous Amazon communities and honor their rights and traditional forest management practices.
  • This is a significant step forward in the relationship between France and Brazil, especially in their joint cooperation on sustainable development and environmental protection.

🐺 The first gray wolves seen in Nevada in 8 years:

  • The Nevada Department of Wildlife confirmed the presence of three animals presumed to be wolves, making this the first recorded instance of wolves in Nevada since 2016.
  • Unfortunately, gray wolves have historically been scarce in Nevada and are considered an endangered species. But these new sightings bring hope, as the return of a gray wolf population can help maintain healthy, balanced ecosystems by controlling populations of deer, elk, and even coyotes—a species that can negatively affect smaller prey and plant life if left uncontrolled.
  • As the wolves slowly make their return, any wolves migrating to Nevada will receive protection as an endangered species under the US Endangered Species Act, making it illegal to trap, harass, hunt, or harm them.
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📢 Even More Good News Headlines From This Week

🚛 The US government finalizes new tailpipe emissions limits for heavy-duty vehicles

🦅 The Biden administration restores endangered species protections in the US

💡 A new study unveils the power of light as a greener alternative to traditional chemistry processes

🏠 How decking can reduce CO2 emissions

How nature can influence your perception of time

🚘 How the US EPA is cracking down on automobile pollution

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🤝 Three Important Awareness Events For This Week

🧩 Autism Acceptance Month:

  • Autism Acceptance Month was founded in 1970 by psychologist and autism researcher Bernard Rimland Ph.D. to improve public perception of autism through education.
  • Today, Autism Acceptance Month is a global event providing more opportunities for people with autism and dispelling the myths surrounding the condition. 

April 5, Gold Star Spouses Day

  • The sacrifices of all military families are numerous, however, some families make the ultimate sacrifice; losing a loved one in the line of duty. 
  • Gold Star Spouses Day honors those families with awareness events, ceremonies, and fundraisers. It also helps them connect to available resources, like financial support and mental health programs.

🐱 April 6, Every Day is Tag Day:

  • Celebrated on the first Saturday of April, Every Day is Tag Day encourages pet owners to ensure their pet is identifiable via a microchip or collar identification tag.
  • On this day, you’ll likely find veterinarians, pet shelters, and other animal welfare organizations running educational seminars, discounts, and microchipping events to convey the importance of pet identification and help pet owners make the right choice.

Related: You can discover all the 109 most important awareness events (for the month, days, weeks) in our awareness calendar for April 2024!

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📜 This Week in History

👩🏻 April 5, 1761: Sybil Ludington was born. Although she is not often discussed in historical textbooks, at the age of 16, Sybil rode 40 miles (64.37 km) all night to warn American militia of an impending British attack. She completed her mission in rallying the troops by daybreak. In 1961, a commemorative sculpture was erected in New York in her honor.

👨🏻‍⚕️ April 5, 1827: Joseph Lister, a British surgeon and medical scientist, was born. Later in his life, he became the founder of antiseptic medicine and is known as a pioneer in preventive medicine. His methods helped lay the foundation for today’s surgical practices, preventing postoperative infections and deaths worldwide.

👴🏻 April 6, 1992: Isaac Asimov, author and professor of biochemistry, passed away at age 72. Although his books were written in the 1940s, much of his work is still relevant today and is often referenced when discussing scientific advancements, and AI and robot technology. His writing explored various topics in chemistry, physics, biology, and robotic science, and inspired countless readers to pursue careers in STEM fields.

Illustration of a ninja holding up a quote sign

💭 Quote of the Week

“It has been my philosophy of life that difficulties vanish when faced boldly.”

― Isaac Asimov; Russian-born American author, biochemist, advocate for scientific literacy, and awardee of the Nebula Award and Hugo Award

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Stay impactful 💚

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