💚 7 Countries Running on 100% Renewables ⚡

💚 7 Countries Running on 100% Renewables ⚡

Dennis Kamprad

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Here are the impactful insights that I have for you today:

  • The seven countries that generate 100% of their electricity with renewable energy ⚡
  • The €3.5 billion ($3.71 billion) pledge to protect our oceans from marine pollution
  • How scientists created printable solar panels 🌞
  • And more… 💚

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⚡ How 7 Countries Now Use Renewable Energy to Generate 100% of Their Electricity

1️⃣ The big picture: A remarkable achievement in renewable energy has been reached by seven countries—Albania, Bhutan, Nepal, Paraguay, Iceland, Ethiopia, and the Democratic Republic of Congo—who now generate almost all their electricity from renewable sources like geothermal, hydro, solar, and wind power. This milestone highlights the global shift towards sustainable energy practices and showcases the potential of renewable technologies to power entire nations.

2️⃣ Why is this good news: This is fantastic news for everyone, especially you, as it demonstrates that transitioning to renewable energy on a large scale is not only possible but already happening. These countries serve as living proof that sustainable energy solutions can power economies and significantly reduce carbon footprints. Such successes echo the potential for renewable energy to become the primary power source globally, promising a cleaner, greener future.

3️⃣ What’s next: Looking forward, the focus is on expanding the success of these countries globally. With ongoing advancements in technology, such as improvements in solar cell efficiency and reductions in costs, more countries are expected to increase their renewable energy usage. Experts predict that solar power, in particular, will dominate global electricity supplies in the coming decades, spearheaded by its growing economic attractiveness and technological advancements. This trend towards solar energy is seen as an “irreversible tipping point” for global energy transformation, setting a promising path towards a sustainable and economically viable clean energy future.

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📢 Three More Good News

🌊 The EU’s €3.5B ocean protection pledge:

  • The European Union has officially committed €3.5 billion ($3.71 billion) to protect oceans from marine pollution and promote sustainability. 
  • These funds will support sustainable fisheries in several EU countries, including Cyprus, Greece, Poland, and Portugal. Additionally, the EU’s commitment to the “blue economy” concept will help combat ocean pollution, overfishing, and ensure the responsible use of marine resources.
  • This pledge can significantly play a huge role in preventing plastic pollution and preserving ocean ecosystems and marine biodiversity in the future.

💲 The European investment bank backs €6.3 billion for innovation:

  • Large-scale projects across Europe are set to receive €6.3 billion from the European Investment Bank (EIB). These funds will be used to focus on renewable energy, eco-conscious transportation, and the enhancement of water and waste management systems.
  • By investing in these areas, the EIB is actively contributing to the development of a circular economy with sustainable systems and eco-friendly projects. These green bonds even resonate with the EU’s efforts to follow the Paris Climate Accord and achieve climate neutrality.
  • Thanks to this investment, it’s expected to speed up the implementation of sustainable transportation and energy sources all over Europe.

🌞 How scientists achieve major breakthrough with lightweight, printable solar technology:

  • CSIRO scientists in Australia have perfected a technique to print thin, flexible solar cells that can be applied to various surfaces like buildings, vehicles, and wearable devices to provide sustainable power.
  • This new method is seen as a viable, cost-effective alternative to traditional solar panels because it uses cheaper materials such as carbon instead of gold, enhancing affordability and environmental benefits.
  • The CSIRO team is working on scaling up this technology to make it widely accessible, aiming for applications in industries, disaster response, and potentially for use in space exploration.
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📢 Even More Good News Headlines From This Week

🌎 A landmark win for the natural planet and human rights in Swiss case ruling

💰 The development of a new online tool to track funding to indigenous, local, and Afro-descendent communities

🍺 A group of researchers has found a way to extract and reuse proteins from beer-brewing waste

💨  How wind turbines can be made more environmentally friendly

📦 How Amazon is using AI to increase sustainability

💧 Why the US put limits on chemicals found in drinking water

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🤝 Important Awareness Events at a Glance

🧩 Autism Acceptance Month:

  • Autism Acceptance Month was founded in 1970 by psychologist and autism researcher Bernard Rimland Ph.D. to improve public perception of autism through education.
  • Today, Autism Acceptance Month is a global event providing more opportunities for people with autism and dispelling the myths surrounding the condition. 

🎗️ April 19, Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Awareness Day

  • Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH) is a birth defect in which the diaphragm does not fully develop, allowing organs to migrate into the chest cavity. 
  • This is a day to raise awareness for the condition that affects 1 in 2,500 babies, fundraise for hospitals and charities, and empower children and families impacted by CDH.

April 20, 420:

  • Cannabis is widely acknowledged to have medicinal benefits, like easing chronic pain and making chemotherapy patients more comfortable. And yet, it is still illegal to use in many places. 
  • On 420, marijuana legalization advocates come together to raise awareness of the benefits of the plant, clear up misconceptions, and rally support for legislation.

🎨 April 21, World Creativity and Innovation Day:

  • Observed since 2002, World Creativity and Innovation Day celebrates the novel contributions made to fields like art and science by freethinkers.
  • It also brings awareness to the role that innovation and creativity play concerning economic, social, and sustainable development.

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📜 These Days in History

👴🏼 April 19, 1882: Charles Darwin passed away at the age of 73. His insights revolutionized the field of biology and his scientific theory of evolution has become the foundation of many of our studies today.

👩🏻 April 20, 2008: American race car driver Danica Patrick won the IndyCar 300. She became the first woman to ever win an IndyCar championship event, inspiring countless women and individuals to pursue their dreams, regardless of gender.

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💭 Quote of the Day

“The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man.”

― Charles Darwin; British naturalist, geologist, and biologist

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