💚 A Recycling Solution for All Plastics? ♻️

💚 A Recycling Solution for All Plastics? ♻️

Dennis Kamprad

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Happy Thursday 👋

Here are the impactful insights that I have for you today:

  • A new method to recycle plastic indefinitely ♻️
  • Mexico might get its first female president 👩🏼‍💼👩🏻‍💼
  • 2,000 southern white rhinos will be released into the wild 🦏
  • And more… 💚

Just imagine if we were able to recycle all plastics that are polluting our landfills, oceans, and environments… How would that make you feel?

I mean, I’m actively looking for ways to reduce my plastic consumption—which is not easy at all! So that less fossil fuels have to be used to produce virgin plastic because of my consumption and so that I’m not contributing more to plastic pollution…

But now it looks like researchers are making a big step toward indefinitely recycling plastic.

This could mean that we might one day be able to re-circle all the existing plastic waste without ever having to produce new plastic. Though this might still be quite some time in the future…

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♻️ How We Could Recycle Plastic Indefinitely

1️⃣ The big picture: The majority of plastic products, once recycled, can’t be turned back into their original form due to the degradation of the plastic’s quality with each recycling iteration. However, researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder have introduced a game-changing method. They’ve successfully broken down a type of hard plastic, known as thermoset polymers, into its basic building blocks and then recreated the same type of plastic without any loss in its quality. This revolutionary approach could mean that plastics, instead of having a limited recyclable life, could be recycled indefinitely.

2️⃣ Why is this good news: Current recycling methods result in a degradation of plastic quality, leading to a limited number of recycling cycles before the plastic becomes unrecyclable. The new method, termed reversible or dynamic chemistry, breaks down polymers into single monomers, allowing them to be rebuilt repeatedly without degradation. This not only addresses the plastic waste problem but also offers a sustainable solution for the continuous reuse of plastics, potentially reducing the need for new plastic production.

3️⃣ What’s next: While the method was tested on a specific type of hard plastic, the researchers believe it can be applied to a broad range of plastic classes, including everyday items like plastic bottles. The goal is to adapt this chemical method to existing industrial recycling plants, paving the way for a future where plastics can be recycled and reused infinitely. This innovative approach could redefine the way we view and handle plastic waste, making a significant impact on environmental conservation.

👉 Related: You can already join the fight against our existing plastic pollution by supporting the best charities that fight to end plastic pollution!

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📢 More Good News…

🐥 Maine’s puffin colonies recovering in the face of climate change

  • There are now as many as 3,000 birds, thanks to the help of the Audubon Society, an American non-profit organization dedicated to conserving birds and their habitats.
  • Don Lyons, a director of conservation science, says that the population is most likely stable and could still be growing, despite the dangers posed by climate change.

👩🏼‍💼👩🏻‍💼 Mexico is likely to get its first female president after top parties choose 2 women as candidates

  • For the first time, Mexico will have two women from its main political powers competing for presidency.
  • Former Mexico City Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum as the candidate of the country’s ruling party in next June’s election.
  • Sheinbaum, as well as the opposition candidate Xóchitl Gálvez, have insisted that Mexico is ready to be led by a woman.

🦏 2,000 southern white rhinos to be released into the wild over next 10 years

  • African Parks, a non-governmental organization dedicated to conservation, has stepped in as the new owner of the world’s largest private captive rhino breeding operation, “Platinum Rhino”. 
  • As a result, the 2,000 southern white rhinos the operation holds, which represents up to 15% of the world’s remaining wild population, is now currently in the care of the conservation organization, African Parks.
  • To help secure the future of this rare species, African Parks has announced they will rewild all of these 2,000+ southern white rhinos to help establish or supplement strategic populations.
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🌏 Event of the Week: International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer

👉 Did you know that this Saturday, September 16, is International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer? This event is a way to celebrate the steps taken toward creating a cleaner planet and to raise awareness of current issues regarding the depletion of the ozone layer.

1️⃣ The big picture: International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer was founded in 1994 by the United Nations General Assembly to mark the signing of the Montreal Protocol. It was intended to facilitate gatherings of key figures and environmental experts in Montreal to discuss solutions to the Ozone layer crisis. Since then, it has become a worldwide awareness event to promote clean energy sources and reduce plastic waste. 

2️⃣ Why is this important: The ozone layer absorbs a portion of UVB light from the sun, preventing it from reaching the earth’s surface. UVB radiation has harmful effects on humans and animals, such as cancer and cataracts, because it damages the normal processes of cells in the body. Since the 1970s, studies have shown that the ozone layer is depleting much faster than it can recover. Over the years, awareness has been raised about the use of ozone-depleting substances (ODS) like CFCs (e.g., aerosol propellants) but much more needs to be done to protect this vital part of our atmosphere.

3️⃣ How can you get involved: You can get involved in the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer by raising awareness of its importance in your local community. Consider setting up an educational fundraiser or highlighting the effects of harmful man-made chemicals through your social media platforms. Another way you can get involved is to learn more about the ozone layer yourself. There are plenty of interesting textbooks on the subject or you can find informative videos on the internet.

Additionally, you can check out the organizations below that fight for a cleaner planet:

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📜 This Week in History

🌎 September 15, 1821: The Act of Independence of Central America was composed to declare the region’s independence from Spain. 

👵🏻 📚 September 15, 1890: Dame Agatha Mary Clarissa Christie, commonly known as Agatha Christie, was born in England. She is later known for her successful detective novels and short story collections, which have sold more than 100 million copies and have been translated into 100 languages. 

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💭 Quote of the Week

“I like living. I have sometimes been wildly, despairingly, acutely miserable, racked with sorrow; but through it all I still know quite certainly that just to be alive is a grand thing.”

Agatha Christie; English detective novelist and playwright 

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