πŸ’š Lawmakers Back Human Rights ✊

πŸ’š Lawmakers Back Human Rights ✊

Dennis Kamprad

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Happy Thursday πŸ‘‹

When it comes to human rights and big corporations, what picture comes to your mind?

Based on all the scandals and tragedies (think about the Rana Plaza collapse), I feel like it has been long overdue to fight for more corporate accountability. Especially when it comes to human rights along their WHOLE supply chain.

That’s why I’m especially happy to share a landmark decision from European lawmakers that goes exactly in that direction. Plus, it also adds environmental checks!

✊ A Landmark Decision for Corporate Accountability: EU Lawmakers Back Human Rights and Environmental Checks for Big Companies

In a groundbreaking decision that could revolutionize corporate responsibility, European Union lawmakers have backed rules requiring thousands of large companies to identify and mitigate human rights abuses and environmental damage in their supply chains.

Lawmakers backing this draft could be a turning point in ensuring corporate accountability and sustainability.

The European Parliament’s legal affairs committee voted to approve the draft EU Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDDD):

  • This legislation will compel EU companies employing more than 250 people and with a turnover of more than 40 million euros, as well as non-EU companies with a net turnover of at least 40 million euros in the bloc,
  • to scrutinize their operations and suppliers for potential human rights abuses such as child labor or slavery, and environmental harm. 

This means companies will need to be more transparent and responsible, leading to a potential decrease in harmful practices:

  • The legislation will cover a wide range of human rights abuses and environmental damages, making it one of the most comprehensive of its kind.
  • It will force companies to be more proactive in ensuring their operations do not contribute to these issues, leading to a potential decrease in harmful practices.

This is a clear signal to the corporate world that human rights and sustainability can no longer be ignored in the pursuit of profit.

However, the proposed legislation has its limitations:

  • Small and medium-sized companies are excluded from the scope of the directive,
  • and many of the largest corporations in the EU won’t have to comply until around 2030, as
  • this legislation would likely start to be rolled out in phases only from around 2030.

The next challenge will be the effective implementation of these rules and ensuring companies are held accountable for their actions. 

But for now, this is a momentous step in the right direction.

πŸ“’ More Good News…

πŸ‘‰ EPA launches $7 billion for solar development in low-income communities: To help mitigate the climate crisis, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has launched a $7 billion grant fund to provide solar power to low-income communities. This will provide millions of low-income households with affordable and renewable energy and enable them to participate in a clean energy economy.

πŸ‘‰ Pregnant workers and nursing moms in US have new protections on the job: Thanks to the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, businesses with at least 15 employees are now legally required to provide reasonable accommodations to pregnant workers. This includes permission to work from home, lighter duties, time off for doctor appointments, and more.

πŸ‘‰ EU hails discovery of massive phosphate rock deposit in Norway: A vast underground deposit of phosphate has been found in Norway and is large enough to meet world agricultural and industrial needs for the next 100 years. Phosphate is crucial for creating electric cars, solar panels, and even fertilizer for the global food supply, so this is excellent news!

Share the news with your friends to make a bigger positive impact on the world and society!

Stay impactful πŸ’š

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πŸ“œ This Week in History

🎨 July 6, 1907: The now world-famous Mexican painter Frida Kahlo was born. She taught herself to paint and gained posthumous fame for her colorful self-portraits and paintings, such as The Two Fridas and Henry Ford Hospital.

βš– July 7, 1981: Sandra Day O’Connor became the first woman to serve on the Supreme Court. She retired in 2006 after 25 years of service.

πŸ’­ Quote of the Week

“Be aware that even before you have reached your ultimate professional destination, if you always strive for excellence, you can and should have a substantial impact on the world in which you live.” 

― Sandra Day O’Connor; American lawyer and first female associate justice of the Supreme Court

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