💚 Let’s Combine Wind & Tidal Energy 🌬️🌊

💚 Let’s Combine Wind & Tidal Energy 🌬️🌊

Dennis Kamprad

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Happy Thursday 👋

Here are the impactful insights that I have for you today:

  • Combined wind and tidal energy technology 🌬️🌊
  • Synthetic sponges that soak up microplastics 🧽
  • California passes the Right-to-Repair Act 📱
  • And more… 💚

How do you like the outlook of renewable energies? 

The World Economic Forum projects that already by 2025, 35% of our energy will come from renewables.

But to me, their development and widespread adoption can’t be fast enough…

That’s why I’m so happy to share a new technology with you that combines two of these at the same time: wind energy and tidal energy!

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🌬️🌊 How Combined Wind and Tidal Energy Generation Technology is Paving the Way for Renewable Energy

1️⃣ The big picture: Researchers from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras) have achieved a significant milestone in renewable energy. They’ve patented a ‘Combined Power Generation Technology’ system capable of generating electricity from both wind and tidal energy sources. This innovative energy converter system is designed for deployment in coastal areas, tailored to their specific power requirements. The technology involves a wind turbine mounted on a vehicle’s roof, which can generate wind energy and convert tidal energy into electrical power.

2️⃣ Why is this good news: The dual-source energy generation approach addresses two major renewable energy sources, wind and tidal, in a single system. This not only maximizes the energy output but also ensures a more consistent power supply, given the complementary nature of wind and tidal patterns. The system’s design, which includes a roof-mounted solar panel, further enhances its sustainability, allowing it to power other equipment on mobile vehicles. The entire setup is renewable and sustainable, marking a significant step towards a greener future.

3️⃣ What’s next: The researchers at IIT Madras are now focusing on scalability and affordability. They are in the process of building a cost-effective prototype using advanced techniques like 3D-printing. The vision is to have this technology widely adopted, especially in coastal regions, to harness the abundant wind and tidal energy. With the potential to revolutionize renewable energy generation, this combined technology could play a pivotal role in reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and moving towards a more sustainable energy future.

👉 Related: In the meanwhile, you could already check out the current history of both wind energy and tidal energy:

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📢 More Good News…

🧽 Scientists have created synthetic sponges that soak up microplastics:

  • Researchers are developing a biodegradable sponge made mostly from starch and gelatin.
  • In their tests, the researchers show that the sponge can remove both microplastics and even smaller nanoplastics.
  • In optimal conditions, the sponges can absorb as much as 90% of the microplastics surrounding it.

📱 California passes the Right-to-Repair Act guaranteeing seven years of parts for your phone:

  • California just became the third state to pass an electronics Right-to-Repair Act.
  • In the bill, it stands out that companies are now required to expand access to repair materials like parts, tools, and software for a longer period of time. 
  • This new bill will help reduce electronic waste and will cover electronics and appliances made and sold after July 1, 2021.

🐈 Wildcats thriving in Scottish Highlands conservation project

  • 19 wildcats were successfully released into the wild at Cairngorms National Park in the Scottish Highlands.
  • To further protect these endangered wildcats, the animals are being tracked with GPS-radio collars and their den sites are protected by law.
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⚖ Event of the Week: United Nations Day

👉 Did you know that next Tuesday, on October 24, will be United Nations Day? This day marks the anniversary when the UN charter first came into force in 1945. Additionally, this special day allows the United Nations to amplify their common goal to eradicate climate change, inequality, intolerance, racism, poverty, hunger, and other global challenges.

1️⃣ The big picture: After WWII, the United Nations was first established in 1945 to help maintain global diplomacy, peace and security. Today, after more than 75 years, the United Nations continues to maintain international peace and cooperation, give humanitarian assistance to those in need, protect human rights, and uphold international law.

2️⃣ Why is this important: Many nations were left in ruins after WWII. To prevent another world war, 50 countries came together to help create the United Nations and promote global peace and security moving forward. As the world’s only truly universal global organization, the United Nations serves to address countless affairs across the globe, such as the protection of human rights, hunger, poverty, climate change, and more. The United Nations has also set new sustainable development goals for the globe in 2030, in order to achieve a better and more sustainable future for us all.

3️⃣ How can you get involved: There are many ways to help the United Nations and get involved. Aside from applying to become a volunteer, intern, or staff member, you can show support and donate to the United Nations or its accompanying agencies. But the easiest way to get involved is to connect with them on social media and bring awareness to the global issues that they are attempting to resolve.

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📜 This Week in History

🦴 October 19, 2018: The 12,000-year-old fossil called “Luzia”, oldest known fossil in South America and nicknamed as the “First Brazilian”, is found mostly intact despite a devastating fire at Brazil’s National Museum.

🥇 October 20, 1966: The Nobel Prize for Literature is awarded jointly to Jewish writers Shmuel Yosef Agnon and Nelly Sachs, who became important Hebrew novelists and spokespeople for the Jewish community.

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💭 Quote of the Week

“Sometimes small things lead to great joys.” 

– Shmuel Yosef Agnon; Austro-Hungarian-born Israeli novelist, poet, and a central figure of modern Hebrew literature

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Stay impactful 💚

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