All 157 Positive & Impactful Verbs Starting With A (With Meanings & Examples)

All 157 Positive & Impactful Verbs Starting With A (With Meanings & Examples)

Dennis Kamprad

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Admire, ascend, amplify – the letter A, standing proud at the forefront of the English alphabet, paves the way for a set of truly empowering and positive verbs. A lends a dynamic action to our language, propelling the verbs it animates with an adventurous spirit and ardor. So, we had to ask: What are all the positive and impactful verbs starting with the letter A?

Some of the most used positive & impactful verbs that start with the letter A include achieve, admire, adore, advise, amplify, appreciate, ascend, aspire, assure, and awaken. There are many dozens of these awesome words, ranging from 3 to 12 characters in length.

Join us as we delve into the beauty and significance of these verbs, uncovering their meanings and embracing the power they hold to create a positive impact in our daily lives. We’ll then also share the most used and the most interesting words starting with A as well as ten interesting facts about and a brief history of words starting with A.

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Here Are All 157 Positive & Impactful Verbs That Start With the Letter A

In the diverse landscape of English grammar, words are categorized into various groups based on their functions within sentences. These groups, referred to as ‘part-of-speech,’ constitute the building blocks of language, enabling you to communicate your thoughts, ideas, and emotions effectively.

Verb: A verb is a word that represents an action, an occurrence, or a state of being. An example of a verb would be “appreciate.” In the sentence, “I appreciate your efforts,” “appreciate” is the verb, showing the action performed.

Related: We also have a full list of nouns (a word that represents a person, place, thing, or idea), adjectives (a word that describes or modifies a noun), adverbs (a word that modifies a verb, an adjective, or another adverb), and interjections (a word or phrase that expresses strong emotion or surprise) that start with the letter A. As well as the fully filterable list of all words that start with the letter A.

Trivia: The average word length of our list of positive & impactful verbs that start with the letter A is a medium-long 7.1 characters, with the shortest words only having 3 characters (e.g., aid and add) and the longest words having 12 characters (e.g., authenticate).

These Are All Verbs Starting With A That Are Inherently Positive & Impactful

VerbsDescription (with synonyms)Example sentence
AbideTo accept or act in accordance with a rule, decision, or recommendation, demonstrating a sense of responsibility and respect (follow, comply, adhere).“I will abide by the terms and conditions of the contract.”
AboundTo exist or be present in large numbers or amounts, indicating a plentiful or overflowing state (overflow, teem, brim).“Opportunities abound for those who are willing to work hard and seize them.”
AbridgeTo condense or shorten a piece of writing or speech, allowing for a more concise and accessible version of the original content (summarize, truncate, abbreviate).“I need to abridge this article to fit within the word limit for the magazine.”
AbsolveTo declare someone free from guilt or responsibility, providing a sense of relief and forgiveness (exonerate, pardon, acquit).“The judge absolved the defendant of all charges, bringing a sense of relief and allowing him to start anew.”
AbsorbTo take in or soak up something, such as knowledge or information, in a way that allows one to understand and retain it fully, indicating a keen ability to learn and comprehend (learn, assimilate, comprehend).“She was able to absorb all the information from the lecture and apply it to her project.”
AccedeTo agree or give in to a request or demand, demonstrating flexibility and willingness to cooperate (consent, comply, acquiesce).“I will accede to your request and extend the deadline for submitting the project.”
AccelerateTo increase the speed or rate of something, indicating progress and efficiency (speed up, hasten, quicken).“She accelerated her studying in order to pass the exam.”
AcceleratedTo increase the speed or rate of something, indicating progress and efficiency (sped up, hastened, quickened).“She accelerated her studying in order to pass the exam.”
AccentTo pronounce with emphasis or stress, indicating clarity and importance (accentuate, emphasize, highlight).“She accentuated the importance of teamwork in her presentation.”
AccentuateTo emphasize or highlight something, drawing attention to its importance or significance (emphasize, highlight, underscore).“She used her colorful accessories to accentuate her outfit and make a bold fashion statement.”
AcceptTo receive or take willingly, indicating a willingness to embrace new opportunities and ideas (embrace, welcome, adopt).“I accept the challenge of learning a new language and am excited to embrace the opportunity to expand my horizons.”
AcceptingBeing open to receiving or taking in something, indicating a willingness to embrace new ideas or opportunities (receptive, accommodating, welcoming).“She is accepting of different cultures and is always eager to learn about new traditions.”
AccessTo gain entry or have the ability to use or obtain something, signifying the ability to reach and utilize resources (obtain, acquire, attain).“I was able to access the company’s database and retrieve the necessary information for the project.”
AccessorizeTo add or wear accessories to enhance one’s appearance or outfit, showcasing personal style and attention to detail (embellish, adorn, enhance).“She accessorized her simple black dress with a statement necklace and bold red heels, instantly elevating her look and turning heads at the party.”
AcclaimTo praise or applaud enthusiastically, expressing admiration and recognition (praise, applaud, honor).“The audience acclaimed the talented singer with a standing ovation.”
AcclimateTo become accustomed to a new environment or situation, adjusting and adapting to the changes (adapt, familiarize, assimilate).“I was able to acclimate to the fast-paced city life after living in a small town for so long.”
AcclimatizeTo adjust or adapt to a new environment or climate, allowing one’s body to become accustomed to the changes and ensuring a smoother transition (adjust, adapt, accommodate).“I was able to acclimatize to the high altitude by spending a few days in the mountains before attempting the hike.”
AccoladeTo bestow praise or recognition upon someone for their achievements or qualities, symbolizing admiration and validation (honor, commend, applaud).“She was accoladed for her outstanding performance in the play.”
AccommodateTo provide lodging or a space for someone or something, demonstrating a willingness to meet the needs of others (welcome, house, host).“The hotel was able to accommodate all of our requests and made our stay extremely comfortable.”
AccompanyTo go somewhere with someone as a companion, showing support and solidarity (go along, join, escort).“I will accompany you to the doctor’s appointment to show my support.”
AccomplishTo successfully complete or achieve a task or goal, demonstrating competence and determination (achieve, succeed, attain).“She was able to accomplish her goal of running a marathon, despite facing many obstacles along the way.”
AccordTo give or grant someone power, status, or recognition, signifying a mutual agreement or harmony (grant, bestow, confer).“The committee accorded her the prestigious award for her outstanding contributions to the field.”
AccreditTo officially recognize or give approval to someone or something, indicating trust and credibility (acknowledge, endorse, validate).“The university accredits the new program, ensuring its quality and credibility.”
AccrueTo gradually accumulate or increase over time, indicating the growth or accumulation of something valuable (build up, gather, accumulate).“The interest on my savings account continues to accrue, allowing me to build up a substantial amount of money over time.”
AccumulateTo gather or collect a large amount of something over time, indicating the process of gradually amassing or acquiring (gather, collect, amass).“She was able to accumulate a vast amount of knowledge through years of studying and research.”
AccustomTo make someone familiar with something through repeated exposure, helping them to adapt and feel comfortable (habituate, familiarize, acclimate).“I will accustom my new puppy to being around other dogs by taking him to the park every day.”
AchieveTo successfully reach a desired goal or outcome, demonstrating determination and perseverance (succeed, accomplish, attain).“She worked hard and was able to achieve her dream of becoming a doctor.”
AchievingSuccessfully reaching a desired goal or outcome, demonstrating determination and perseverance (succeeding, attaining, accomplishing).“She was achieving her dreams one step at a time.”
AcknowledgeTo recognize or accept the existence or truth of something, often by expressing gratitude or appreciation, showing respect or giving credit (appreciate, recognize, admit).“I would like to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of our team members.”
AcquaintTo make someone aware or familiar with something, often leading to a deeper understanding or connection (introduce, familiarize, inform).“I will acquaint you with the new project so that you can fully understand its goals and objectives.”
AcquiesceTo accept or comply without protest, demonstrating a willingness to go along with something (agree, consent, comply).“I decided to acquiesce to my friend’s request and join them on their road trip, even though I had other plans.”
AcquireTo gain or obtain something, typically through effort or experience, signifying personal growth and accomplishment (achieve, attain, procure).“She worked hard to acquire the necessary skills for the job, and her efforts paid off when she was promoted to a higher position.”
AcquitTo declare someone not guilty of a crime or wrongdoing, demonstrating fairness and justice (exonerate, absolve, clear).“The jury decided to acquit the defendant after carefully reviewing all the evidence presented in court.”
ActTo perform an action or engage in an activity, demonstrating productivity and determination (act, accomplish, execute).“She acted quickly and decisively to resolve the issue, demonstrating her efficiency and problem-solving skills.”
ActivateTo make something active or operational, bringing it to a state of functioning or effectiveness (energize, enable, mobilize).“She activated the emergency alarm, alerting everyone in the building to evacuate.”
ActualizeTo make something a reality or bring it into existence, demonstrating the power of manifestation and the ability to turn dreams into tangible results (realize, materialize, achieve).“She was able to actualize her dream of starting her own business and now runs a successful company.”
ActuateTo put into motion or cause to act (to activate, to initiate, to trigger).“The new technology will actuate a more efficient and streamlined process.”
AdaptTo adjust or modify oneself to new conditions or circumstances, demonstrating flexibility and resilience (adjust, modify, accommodate).“She was able to adapt quickly to the new work environment and excel in her role.”
AddTo incorporate or join something into a larger whole, symbolizing growth and expansion (include, integrate, incorporate).“She added her unique perspective to the team, enhancing their creativity and problem-solving abilities.”
AddressTo direct someone to a specific location or place, providing guidance and assistance (guide, lead, direct).“I will address the issue with the faulty equipment and provide a solution.”
AdduceTo cite as evidence or to bring forward as an example, demonstrating the validity or relevance of a point (present, offer, provide).“The lawyer adduced several compelling pieces of evidence to support her client’s innocence.”
AdhereTo stick firmly to a surface or object, demonstrating commitment and loyalty (stick, cling, bond).“I adhere to my principles and values, no matter the challenges I face.”
AdjoinTo add or attach something, often enhancing or complementing the existing item or situation (enhance, complement, supplement).“I will adjoin a beautiful garden to my backyard to enhance the overall aesthetic of my home.”
AdjureTo earnestly and solemnly urge or command someone to do something, demonstrating a strong sense of conviction and authority (exhort, entreat, beseech).“I adjure you to follow your dreams and never give up, for you have the power to achieve greatness.”
AdjustTo make small changes or alterations in order to achieve a better fit or result, demonstrating flexibility and adaptability (modify, adapt, fine-tune).“I need to adjust my schedule to accommodate the new project deadline.”
AdlibTo improvise or create on the spot, showcasing creativity and spontaneity (adlib, invent, extemporize).“She adlibbed a hilarious joke during her stand-up comedy routine.”
AdministerTo give or apply something, especially a treatment or a test, to someone or something, often in a professional or official capacity, indicating responsibility and expertise (to give, to apply, to dispense).“The doctor will administer the vaccine to all the patients in the clinic.”
AdmireTo regard with respect and approval, expressing appreciation and inspiration (appreciate, esteem, idolize).“I admire her dedication and hard work in achieving her goals.”
AdmixTo mix or blend different substances together, creating a harmonious combination of flavors or ingredients (blend, combine, merge).“I admix the spices and herbs to create a flavorful and aromatic curry.”
AdoptTo legally take another person’s child into one’s own family and raise it as one’s own, symbolizing love, compassion, and the formation of a new bond (embrace, welcome, take in).“They decided to adopt a child and give them a loving and stable home.”
AdoreTo have a deep love and admiration for someone or something, expressing intense affection and appreciation (love, cherish, idolize).“I adore my grandmother for her unwavering support and unconditional love.”
AdornTo decorate or add beauty to something, often by adding ornaments or embellishments, symbolizing elegance and attention to detail (embellish, beautify, decorate).“She adorned the room with fresh flowers, creating a beautiful and inviting atmosphere.”
AdvanceTo move forward or make progress, indicating growth and improvement (progress, develop, evolve).“She worked hard to advance in her career and eventually became a successful businesswoman.”
AdvertiseTo promote or make known a product, service, or event through various forms of media, creating awareness and generating interest (publicize, market, promote).“I will advertise our new product on social media to reach a wider audience.”
AdviseTo offer guidance or recommendations based on knowledge and expertise, providing valuable insights and suggestions (counsel, recommend, suggest).“I would advise you to invest in stocks for long-term financial growth.”
AdvocateTo publicly support or recommend a particular cause or policy, demonstrating a strong belief in its importance and actively working towards its promotion (support, champion, endorse).“I advocate for equal rights and opportunities for all individuals, regardless of their race or gender.”
AerateTo introduce air into a substance, typically soil or a liquid, in order to improve its quality and promote growth, enhancing the oxygen levels and allowing for better circulation (oxygenate, oxygenize, ventilate).“I need to aerate the soil in my garden to ensure that my plants receive enough oxygen for healthy growth.”
AffectTo produce a change or influence on someone or something, demonstrating the power to shape outcomes and create a lasting impact (influence, shape, create).“The teacher’s encouragement and support greatly affected the student’s confidence, leading to significant improvement in their academic performance.”
AffirmTo confirm or assert something with confidence, demonstrating belief and certainty (affirm, assert, declare).“I affirm that I will succeed in achieving my goals.”
AffixTo attach or add something to a word or stem, enhancing its meaning and creating a new word (affixing, augmenting, modifying).“Please affix your signature at the bottom of the document to finalize the agreement.”
AffordTo have the financial means to purchase or do something, enabling individuals to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle and pursue their dreams (provide, allow, enable).“She worked hard and saved diligently so that she could afford to travel the world and experience different cultures.”
AfforestTo cover an area with trees, creating a forest-like environment, contributing to the preservation of nature and the reduction of carbon dioxide (replant, reforest, afforest).“The government plans to afforest the barren land, promoting biodiversity and combating climate change.”
AggrandizeTo enhance or exaggerate the importance or value of something, often to make it appear more impressive or powerful, demonstrating the ability to elevate and magnify the significance of a person or an idea (exalt, amplify, glorify).“She used her platform to aggrandize the achievements of underrepresented artists, shining a spotlight on their talent and impact.”
AgreeTo come to a mutual understanding or acceptance, indicating harmony and consensus (concur, consent, assent).“I agree with your proposal to implement more sustainable practices in our company.”
AidTo provide assistance or support to someone or something, indicating a helpful and supportive action (help, assist, support).“I will aid you in completing your project.”
AimTo direct one’s efforts or intentions towards a specific goal or target, demonstrating focus and determination (strive, aspire, endeavor).“I aim to become a successful entrepreneur and create positive change in the world.”
AlightTo descend from a vehicle or to get off a horse, often with grace and elegance, symbolizing a sense of poise and sophistication (disembark, descend, step down).“She alighted from the carriage, her flowing gown billowing around her, as she made her grand entrance into the ballroom.”
AlignTo bring into cooperation or agreement, indicating unity and harmony (unite, coordinate, synchronize).“The team worked together to align their goals and strategies, resulting in a successful project.”
AlleviateTo make a burden or problem less severe or intense, providing relief and comfort (ease, mitigate, lighten).“The medication helped alleviate her pain and allowed her to sleep peacefully.”
AllocateTo distribute or assign resources or tasks in a planned and organized manner, ensuring efficient use and fairness (distribute, assign, apportion).“The manager will allocate the budget to different departments to ensure that each team has the necessary resources for their projects.”
AllowTo give permission or opportunity for something to happen, indicating a sense of freedom and inclusivity (permit, enable, authorize).“I allow my children to explore their creativity and express themselves freely.”
AllowingPermitting or granting someone to do something, indicating a sense of freedom and empowerment (allowing, enabling, authorizing).“She is allowing her employees to work from home, which has greatly improved their work-life balance.”
AllureTo attract or entice someone with charm or appeal, captivating and enchanting (attract, entice, charm).“The beautiful melody of the violin solo allured the audience, captivating them with its enchanting and mesmerizing sound.”
AlterTo change or modify something, indicating the ability to adapt and transform (alter, adjust, amend).“She was able to alter her mindset and overcome her fears.”
AmalgamateTo combine or unite different elements into a single entity, symbolizing the power of collaboration and synergy (merge, blend, fuse).“The two companies decided to amalgamate their resources and expertise to create a groundbreaking product.”
AmazeTo cause someone to be filled with wonder or astonishment, leaving them in awe and admiration (astound, astonish, impress).“The magician’s incredible tricks never failed to amaze the audience.”
AmbleTo walk at a leisurely pace, often for pleasure or exercise, signifying a relaxed and unhurried attitude (stroll, saunter, wander).“I love to amble along the beach, feeling the sand between my toes and enjoying the calming sound of the waves.”
AmeliorateTo make something better or improve a situation, bringing about positive change and enhancing the overall quality (improve, enhance, uplift).“She worked tirelessly to ameliorate the living conditions in the impoverished community, providing clean water, education, and healthcare to its residents.”
AmendTo make changes or revisions to a document or law, demonstrating the ability to adapt and improve (revise, modify, alter).“The committee voted to amend the proposed legislation, addressing concerns raised by the public and ensuring a fair and effective law.”
AmortizeTo gradually reduce or pay off a debt over a period of time, ensuring financial stability and long-term savings (reduce debt, pay off, settle).“I am working hard to amortize my student loans so that I can achieve financial freedom sooner.”
AmplifyTo increase the volume, intensity, or effect of something, indicating a strengthening or enhancement (amplify, enhance, boost).“She used her platform to amplify the voices of marginalized communities.”
AmuseTo entertain or cause someone to laugh or smile, bringing joy and laughter to others (entertain, delight, charm).“The comedian’s hilarious jokes never fail to amuse the audience.”
AnagramTo rearrange the letters of a word or phrase to form a new word or phrase, showcasing creativity and linguistic skills (rearrange, transform, shuffle).“I love to anagram words and phrases to create clever and witty puns.”
AngelicizeTo make someone or something resemble or embody the qualities of an angel, symbolizing purity and goodness (pure, virtuous, celestial).“She angelicized the room with soft, ethereal lighting and delicate white flowers.”
AnimateTo bring to life or give movement to, indicating the ability to create and inspire (animate, invigorate, energize).“The artist’s vibrant brushstrokes animate the painting, bringing it to life with a burst of color and energy.”
AnimatingBringing to life and giving movement to inanimate objects, sparking creativity and captivating audiences (inspiring, enlivening, invigorating).“The talented animator brought the characters to life, animating them with such skill and precision that the audience was completely captivated.”
AnnounceTo make a public or formal declaration, conveying important information or news (declare, proclaim, disclose).“The president will announce his decision on the new policy tomorrow.”
AnnunciateTo pronounce or articulate words clearly and distinctly, conveying messages with clarity and confidence (communicate, express, enunciate).“She annunciated her speech with such clarity and confidence that everyone in the audience understood her message perfectly.”
AnointTo apply oil or ointment to someone or something in a ceremonial or religious manner, symbolizing consecration and blessing (consecrate, bless, sanctify).“The priest anointed the newborn baby with holy oil, symbolizing the child’s entrance into the faith.”
AnswerTo move or proceed with a steady, rhythmic motion, often in a forward direction, indicating progress and determination (advance, progress, proceed).“She was quick to answer her teammate’s query, contributing to a smooth and successful project completion.”
AnticipateTo expect or predict something, showing foresight and preparedness (foresee, envision, forecast).“I anticipate that the new marketing strategy will greatly increase our sales.”
AnticipatingExpecting or predicting something to happen, showing preparedness and foresight (foreseeing, predicting, envisioning).“I am anticipating a successful outcome for our project.”
ApologizeTo express regret or remorse for one’s actions or words, showing humility and willingness to make amends (make an apology, ask for forgiveness, express remorse).“I apologize for my mistake and any inconvenience it may have caused.”
ApotheosizeTo elevate or exalt someone or something to a divine or godlike status, symbolizing the highest level of admiration and reverence (revere, idolize, deify).“She was apotheosized by her fans, who saw her as a musical genius and worshipped her every word.”
AppealTo make a serious or urgent request, often to a higher authority, in order to obtain a favorable decision or outcome, demonstrating the power of persuasion and the ability to influence others (persuade, implore, entreat).“I appeal to you to reconsider your decision and grant me the opportunity to prove myself.”
ApplaudTo express approval or admiration by clapping, showing support and appreciation (praise, commend, acclaim).“I applaud your efforts in organizing such a successful event.”
AppliqueTo sew or apply a decorative piece of fabric onto another fabric, adding a unique and artistic touch to the design (embellish, adorn, decorate).“She appliqued a beautiful floral design onto the plain white pillowcase, instantly transforming it into a stunning piece of art.”
ApplyTo put into operation or use, indicating the act of utilizing or implementing something (utilize, employ, utilize).“I will apply the skills I learned in my training to excel in my new job.”
AppointTo assign a position or role to someone, indicating trust and recognition of their abilities (designate, nominate, select).“The company decided to appoint Sarah as the new project manager, recognizing her exceptional leadership skills.”
AppraiseTo assess the value or quality of something, indicating a careful evaluation and judgment (evaluate, assess, judge).“I asked my supervisor to appraise my performance so that I could receive constructive feedback and improve.”
AppreciateTo recognize the value or significance of something, often leading to a feeling of gratitude or admiration, demonstrating a deep understanding and respect (value, cherish, acknowledge).“I appreciate all the hard work you put into this project.”
ApproachTo come near or nearer to someone or something in distance or time, indicating a proactive and thoughtful way of dealing with a situation (engage, tackle, address).“I approached the difficult conversation with my coworker in a calm and understanding manner.”
ApprobateTo approve or sanction, indicating a positive evaluation or endorsement (approve, endorse, validate).“I approbate the decision to promote her to a higher position in the company.”
ApproveTo give official permission or consent to something, indicating support or agreement (endorse, sanction, authorize).“I approve of your decision to pursue your dreams and follow your passion.”
ArbitrateTo act as a neutral third party in resolving a dispute or conflict, promoting fairness and facilitating peaceful resolutions (mediate, negotiate, reconcile).“The judge agreed to arbitrate the case, ensuring a fair and peaceful resolution for both parties involved.”
AriseTo come into existence or notice, indicating the emergence of a new opportunity or problem (emerge, occur, materialize).“A new opportunity arose for me to showcase my talents.”
ArmTo equip or provide with weapons, symbolizing strength and preparedness (arm, equip, furnish).“The soldiers were armed with the latest technology, ready to defend their country.”
ArouseTo awaken or stimulate a feeling or emotion, creating a sense of excitement and curiosity (excite, provoke, stimulate).“The speaker’s passionate words about social justice issues aroused a sense of urgency and inspired the audience to take action.”
ArrangeTo put things in a particular order or sequence, demonstrating organization and efficiency (organized, systematize, coordinate).“She arranged the books on the shelf in alphabetical order.”
ArrayTo arrange systematically in a particular order or formation, providing a clear and organized structure (organize, systematize, categorize).“She meticulously arrayed the books on the shelves according to genre, creating a visually pleasing and easily accessible library.”
ArticulateExpressing oneself clearly and effectively, conveying thoughts and ideas with precision and eloquence (well-spoken, fluent, expressive).“She was able to articulate her ideas in a way that captivated the entire audience.”
AscendTo move upwards or to a higher position, symbolizing progress and achievement (rise, climb, elevate).“She worked hard and was able to ascend to the position of CEO within just a few years.”
AscertainTo find out or make sure of something, indicating a thorough investigation or understanding (determine, confirm, establish).“I need to ascertain the cause of the problem before I can propose a solution.”
AscribeTo attribute or assign a quality or characteristic to someone or something, often used to acknowledge or credit someone for their achievements or contributions (attribute, credit, assign).“I ascribe my success to my hard work and determination.”
AspireTo have a strong desire or ambition to achieve something, indicating a sense of purpose and determination (dream, aim, strive).“I aspire to become a successful entrepreneur and make a positive impact on society.”
AssembleTo bring together the separate parts of something to form a whole, demonstrating the ability to organize and create cohesion (unite, gather, compile).“She assembled a team of experts to tackle the project.”
AssentTo express agreement or approval, indicating a positive response or acceptance (agree, consent, approve).“I assent to your proposal.”
AssertTo state or express a fact or belief confidently and forcefully, conveying a sense of certainty and conviction (assert, declare, affirm).“She confidently asserted her innocence in front of the jury.”
AssessTo evaluate or determine the value, importance, or quality of something, often through careful examination or analysis, indicating a thorough understanding and consideration of various factors (evaluate, analyze, appraise).“I need to assess the situation before making a decision.”
AssignTo allocate or designate a task or responsibility, demonstrating organization and efficiency (assign, designate, delegate).“Please assign the task to the most qualified team member.”
AssimilateTo fully understand and incorporate new information or ideas, demonstrating adaptability and growth (absorb, integrate, incorporate).“She was able to assimilate the complex concepts and apply them to her work, impressing her colleagues with her quick learning abilities.”
AssistTo give support or aid to someone or something, demonstrating helpfulness and compassion (help, aid, support).“I will assist you in completing your project.”
AssortTo arrange or classify into categories or groups, demonstrating organization and attention to detail (organized, categorized, grouped).“She meticulously assort the books on the shelves according to genre and author.”
AssuageTo ease or alleviate someone’s worries or fears, providing comfort and relief (soothe, calm, pacify).“I assuaged her anxiety by reassuring her that everything would be okay.”
AssureTo give confidence or certainty to someone, providing reassurance and peace of mind (guarantee, promise, affirm).“I assure you that your package will arrive on time.”
AstonishTo cause someone to feel a great sense of surprise or amazement, leaving them in awe of what they have witnessed or experienced (amaze, astound, stagger).“The magician’s incredible trick will astonish the audience.”
AtoningMaking amends for past wrongdoings, demonstrating remorse and seeking forgiveness (repenting, apologizing, reconciling).“He spent years atoning for his mistakes, working tirelessly to make things right with those he had hurt.”
AttainTo achieve or reach a goal through effort and determination, demonstrating personal growth and accomplishment (achieve, accomplish, acquire).“She worked tirelessly to attain her dream of becoming a doctor.”
AttendTo be present at or take part in a particular event or activity, demonstrating active engagement and commitment (participate, join, engage).“I will attend the conference to learn from industry experts and network with other professionals.”
AttestTo provide evidence or proof of something, demonstrating its validity and truthfulness (confirming, validating, substantiating).“The witness will attest to the defendant’s alibi, proving his innocence.”
AttractTo draw or pull towards oneself, often by appealing to someone’s interests or desires, creating a strong interest or admiration (captivate, entice, charm).“The new art exhibit attracted a large crowd of art enthusiasts.”
AttuneTo bring into harmony or alignment, indicating a deep understanding and connection (tuned in, synchronized, aligned).“She attuned herself to the rhythm of the music, effortlessly dancing and flowing with the melody.”
AugmentTo make something greater in size, extent, or quantity, enhancing its value or effectiveness (improve, enhance, strengthen).“The new software will augment our productivity by automating repetitive tasks.”
AuthenticateTo verify the authenticity or validity of something, ensuring its genuineness and reliability (confirm, validate, verify).“I need to authenticate the identity of the user before granting them access to the system.”
AuthorTo create or produce a written work, demonstrating creativity and imagination (author, writer, novelist).“She authored a captivating novel that transported readers to a world filled with imagination and creativity.”
AuthorizeTo give official permission or approval for something, granting legitimacy and empowering individuals or organizations (approve, permit, sanction).“The board of directors authorized the construction of a new office building.”
AutographTo sign one’s name on an object, typically as a gesture of admiration or endorsement, symbolizing a personal connection and appreciation (endorse, inscribe, dedicate).“She graciously autographed my book, making it a cherished possession.”
AvailTo make use of or take advantage of an opportunity or resource, demonstrating resourcefulness and efficiency (utilize, capitalize, employ).“She was able to avail herself of the company’s extensive training program and quickly advanced in her career.”
AvertTo prevent or avoid a potentially harmful or dangerous situation, demonstrating quick thinking and proactive action (prevent, avoid, circumvent).“She averted a major disaster by quickly shutting off the gas leak.”
AviateTo navigate through the air using an aircraft, symbolizing freedom and the ability to explore new horizons (fly, soar, pilot).“I aviate through the clouds, feeling the wind in my hair and the exhilaration of freedom.”
AvowTo openly declare or acknowledge something, expressing one’s beliefs or intentions with confidence and sincerity (declare, affirm, profess).“I avow my love for you and promise to always be by your side.”
AwakenTo rouse from sleep or a state of inactivity, bringing about a renewed sense of awareness and energy (awake, stir, invigorate).“The sound of birds chirping outside my window awakened me, filling me with a renewed sense of energy and excitement for the day ahead.”
AwardTo grant recognition or a prize to someone for their achievements, symbolizing accomplishment and excellence (honor, bestow, commend).“The committee decided to award her with the prestigious scholarship for her outstanding academic performance.”
AwingTo inspire a feeling of awe or amazement, leaving a lasting impression on those who witness it (impressive, breathtaking, astounding).“The acrobat’s daring performance on the tightrope was awing.”

These Are All Verbs Starting With A That Can Be Used In a Positive & Impactful Way

Now that we’ve covered all verbs starting with A that inherently exude positivity and impact, let’s complete the list and shift gears to another exciting set of words. These next words might not generally spell ‘positivity’ or ‘impact’ but when used thoughtfully, can surely add a positive & impactful spin to any conversation.

This next set of words exemplifies the beauty of language – their meaning is not just fixed but can be shaped by the context they are used in. So, try to use these words too, to have a bigger positive impact with your conversations.

VerbsDescription (with synonyms)Example sentence
AdulateTo excessively praise or admire someone, often to gain favor or approval, demonstrating flattery and adoration (praise, idolize, worship).“She adulates her favorite celebrity, hanging posters of them all over her room and attending every concert they have.”
AdumbrateTo foreshadow or give a hint of something to come, indicating a deeper meaning or future event (prefigure, suggest, imply).“The dark clouds adumbrate an approaching storm.”
AgitateTo disturb or provoke someone’s emotions or thoughts, often in a passionate or intense manner, causing them to take action or become motivated (stir, rouse, incite).“The passionate speech by the activist agitated the crowd, inspiring them to join the protest.”
AnalyzeTo examine in detail and break down into components, revealing insights and patterns (examine, dissect, scrutinize).“I need to analyze the data to identify any trends or patterns that can help improve our marketing strategy.”
AntedateTo precede in time or to come before, indicating an earlier date or occurrence (precede, predate, forerun).“The discovery of ancient artifacts antedates the establishment of the city, revealing a rich history that predates its official founding.”
AppearTo become visible or noticeable, indicating a sudden presence or emergence (showing up, materializing, manifesting).“She appeared at the door, surprising everyone with her unexpected arrival.”
ApposeTo place side by side or juxtapose, creating a contrasting effect and highlighting the differences (compare, contrast, juxtapose).“The artist apposed vibrant colors against a dark background, creating a striking and visually captivating painting.”
ApproximateTo come close to or estimate something, indicating a rough calculation or estimation (approximate, rough, ballpark).“I approximate that there are approximately 100 people in the room.”
ArgueTo present reasons or evidence in order to support or oppose an idea, demonstrating critical thinking and the ability to articulate one’s thoughts effectively (debate, dispute, contend).“I argue that implementing stricter gun control laws will help reduce gun violence in our society.”
AssociateTo connect or bring together in the mind, often with a particular person, thing, or group, indicating the formation of a relationship or connection (connect, link, relate).“I always associate the smell of freshly baked cookies with my grandmother’s house.”
AssumeTo take on a belief or supposition without evidence or proof, demonstrating a willingness to trust and accept (presume, conjecture, posit).“I assume that she will be there on time because she has never been late before.”
AssumingTo take something for granted or accept it as true without questioning, signifying a lack of skepticism or doubt (assuming, accepting, believing).“I am assuming that the meeting will start on time.”
AuditTo examine and verify financial records, ensuring accuracy and compliance, demonstrating accountability and transparency (review, inspect, examine).“The company hired an external auditor to audit their financial statements and ensure compliance with accounting standards.”
AugurTo predict or foreshadow future events, indicating a potential outcome or result (foretell, presage, portend).“The dark clouds augur a storm approaching.”

10 Most Used Positive & Impactful Verbs That Start With the Letter A

The letter A appears in about 8.5% of words used in the English language. Meaning that it is one of the most used letters terms of letter frequency (btw, this is the full ranking, with the letters arranged from most to least frequent: etaoinshrdlcumwfgypbvkjxqz).

Yet, some verbs beginning with A are used more often than others. Below are some of the most used positive and impactful verbs that start with the letter A:

  1. Achieve
  2. Admire
  3. Adore
  4. Advise
  5. Amplify
  6. Appreciate
  7. Ascend
  8. Aspire
  9. Assure
  10. Awaken

The frequency of how many times you want to use verbs that start with the letter A is entirely in your hands! We anticipate that our list arms you with an arsenal of amazing words with A, amplifying your articulation in an astonishing way. And we assure you, you’ll find it amusing and advantageous to utilize these words whenever you yearn for a dash of added allure and an abundance of authenticity in your dialogue or composition!

10 Interesting Words That Start With the Letter A

Advancing into A, we unearth an array of words, each articulating an aspect of our lived experience. Here are ten alluring words that start with A:

  1. Arcane: Understood by few; mysterious or secret. This term, derived from Latin, encapsulates the allure of the unknown and the secret.
  2. Aeon: An indefinite and very long period of time. Borrowed from Greek, this term speaks to the concept of eternity.
  3. Ambrosial: Exceptionally pleasing to taste or smell; delicious. Rooted in Greek mythology, this term captures divine taste or smell.
  4. Anachronism: Something or someone that is not in its correct historical or chronological time. This term, originating from Greek, is used to describe out-of-time elements, often in literature or cinema.
  5. Alacrity: Brisk and cheerful readiness. This delightful term describes a lively and eager disposition.
  6. Aplomb: Self-confidence or assurance, especially when in a demanding situation. Borrowed from French, this term appreciates composure and self-assuredness.
  7. Aspersion: An attack on the reputation or integrity of someone or something. This term, derived from Latin, represents an act of slander or defamation.
  8. Aphorism: A pithy observation that contains a general truth. This term celebrates the power of brevity in conveying truth.
  9. Aesthetic: Concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty. Rooted in Greek, this term delves into the concept of beauty and the art of appreciating it.
  10. Antithesis: A person or thing that is the direct opposite of someone or something else. This term captures the essence of stark contrast and opposition.

From arcane to antithesis, these words articulate a wide range of meanings, each unveiling the astonishing agility and artistry of the English language.

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10 Interesting Facts About Words That Start With the Letter A

Let’s take a step back and have a look at the bigger picture of our words with A. We discover its intriguing features and enduring influence on the English language.

  1. Historical origins: A traces its lineage back to the Egyptian hieroglyph for an ox, which was adopted by the Phoenicians as Aleph. The Greeks then adopted it as Alpha, which was later borrowed by the Romans.
  2. A and phonetics: A represents several sounds in English, including the vowel in “cat,” “father,” and “mate.”
  3. A in science: In science, A is the symbol for the element Argon in the Periodic Table and denotes ‘Ampere,’ a unit of electric current.
  4. A and music: In music, A is a note on the musical scale. It also represents ‘A cappella,’ a style of singing performed without instrumental accompaniment.
  5. A in grades: A is used in grading systems to denote excellent performance.
  6. A in language rules: A is used in the rule ‘a before consonants, an before vowels,’ although there are exceptions.
  7. A and linguistics: In English, ‘a’ is an indefinite article used before words beginning with a consonant sound.
  8. A in Roman numerals: In Roman numerals, A does not have a value, distinguishing it from many other letters.
  9. A and literature: The letter A has been used symbolically in literature, as exemplified by Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “The Scarlet Letter,” where A stands for ‘Adultery.’
  10. A and language: ‘A’ or ‘an’ is used in English to convey the number one or to represent any member of a class.

From its varied phonetics to its widespread symbolic representation and crucial role in grammar, the letter A serves as a cornerstone of the English language. Its journey from an Egyptian hieroglyph representing an ox to its current form, A, is a testament to its linguistic vitality and versatility.

A Brief History of the Letter A

The story of the letter A has a rich and compelling history, beginning with ancient civilizations and carrying forward into the present day.

The story of A starts in the ancient Near East, where a pictographic symbol resembling an ox head, and representing the sound /ʔ/ (a glottal stop), was used in the Proto-Sinaitic script, an early form of written communication. This symbol was known as “aleph,” which means ‘ox’ in Phoenician.

When the Phoenicians adopted the Proto-Sinaitic symbols, they simplified the ox head pictograph into a more abstract form. They rotated the symbol, and it started to resemble the English letter A, albeit upside down. The Phoenician aleph still represented a glottal stop, which is a sound not found in English, but present in various other languages.

The Greeks borrowed the Phoenician alphabet, but their language did not contain the glottal stop sound. Instead of dropping aleph, they assigned it a new sound—/a/, the first vowel in their language—and renamed it “alpha.” The Greeks also flipped the Phoenician aleph to its current orientation, thus forming the letter A as we recognize it today.

The Etruscans, an ancient civilization in Italy, borrowed the Greek alphabet and passed it onto the Romans, who slightly modified the shape of A while keeping its sound value. The Romans’ adoption of A set its form and value for many future alphabets, including our modern Latin alphabet.

In English, A is the first letter of the alphabet and can represent a variety of sounds, including the ‘a’ in “apple,” the ‘a’ in “ate,” and the ‘a’ in “about.”

A also holds various symbolic meanings across different domains. In music, A is a note in the diatonic scale. In grades, A often symbolizes excellence. In physics, ‘A’ is used to represent amperes, the unit for electric current.

The history of A, therefore, is a testament to the evolution and adaptation of alphabets. From a pictographic symbol of an ox to a versatile letter in the English alphabet, A has been shaped and reshaped by human civilizations to suit the phonetic and symbolic needs of their respective languages.

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Final Thoughts

Expanding your vocabulary is akin to broadening your intellectual horizons and enhancing your capacity to express your thoughts and emotions with precision. By embracing verbs like ‘ascend,’ ‘applaud,’ and ‘amplify,’ you’re not only enriching your vocabulary but also finding more direct ways to depict positive actions and intentions. ‘Ascend’ gives an uplifting motion beyond mere ‘rise,’ ‘applaud’ transforms simple ‘clap’ into a gesture of appreciation, and ‘amplify’ boosts ‘increase’ to a resonating expansion.

The more words you have at your disposal, the more accurately and vividly you can paint your thoughts into speech and writing. So, by growing your vocabulary, especially with positive and impactful words, you’re empowering yourself to engage more effectively and inspiringly with the world around you.

Stay impactful,

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